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The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI arrives next month

Rockstar has announced that the first trailer for the highly anticipated next edition of Grand Theft Auto will arrive in early December. At the time of writing, it has been over ten years since GTA V was released and the longest time between releases we have ever seen in the GTA franchise. Undoubtedly, the next release will be Grand Theft Auto VI and this nicely coincides with the 25th anniversary […]

Rockstar has finally confirmed it is working on the next version of GTA

Rockstar today has revealed two pieces of good news for GTA fans around the world, first announcing when Grand Theft Auto V will be available on the next generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X as well as giving the first nugget of news on the next version of the blockbuster game. GTA V and GTA Online will be available the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X on […]

GTA Online Winter Update: The snow is now live

Every year around this time, Rockstar updates GTA Online server side to add snow for about a week or so, its good fun, snowball fights, slippy driving conditions, firework launchers and more and for 2020, the update is live starting today. Rockstar is also offering players free bonuses this year too, with a free Grotti Brioso (Fiat 500 1st generation) which can be claimed from San Andreas Super Autos and […]

GTA Online is getting a map expansion

Today Rockstar has announced a new map expansion for GTA Online as well as the very first solo heist too, up until now such heists have required two or more players to complete. The reason we get a new part of the map to enjoy is down to the new heist, which takes place on a private island. The new update is coming next month on the 15th December and […]

New GTA Online heist coming tomorrow

On Thursday 12th December, Rockstar is rolling out a brand new heist to Grand Theft Auto Online, called ‘The Diamond Casino & Resort’. “The Diamond Casino Heist is an all-new approach to Heist architecture and execution: one huge gameplay-packed operation as you work with the Cheng family to infiltrate the most secure building in all of Los Santos.” The casino opened up in July and now you’ll be able to […]

Snow lands in GTA Online as well as new DLCs

News from Alex and Ed Gaming It’s that time of year again, when snow falls on GTA Online. The annual snow fall came a few hours ago and Rockstar have hinted to it to be around until sometime on Monday 26th December. Snow in GTA means that you can have snowball fights with your friends online, simply click left on the D pad to hold up to nine snowballs at […]

Rockstar unveils new huge expansion for GTA Online

News from Alex and Ed Gaming A few weeks ago, Rockstar revealed some details on an upcoming expansion update for GTA Online and that it was coming soon, but just earlier today a new trailer for the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update was released. The whole update is focused on creating a criminal empire and operating a huge office tower. Also included are a host of new cars which […]