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New hybrid Honda HR-V now on sale in the UK

The new hybrid only Honda HR-V has recently gone on sale here in the UK, with prices starting at £26,960, for the Elegance model. In terms of size, the HR-V looks quite large in photos, but it competes with the Nissan Juke and uses the petrol and electric system that is in the new Jazz, which itself is also now hybrid only too. The engine in the HR-V and the […]

Honda’s first all electric SUV will be the Prologue

Honda has a name for its upcoming all electric SUV, which there isn’t much information about or even a picture as it is due to come out in 2024. However, Honda has said that the name will be Prologue, with a release date of early 2024. Honda is planning on becoming an electric only car company by 2040 and so far, it only has one all electric car ono sale, […]

Honda debuts new Civic in the US – Europe launch later this year

Honda has recently introduced the all new Honda Civic for 2021 in the US, with an intent to launch it here in the UK and Europe later this year. The new Honda Civic in the US isn’t available in hatchback form, as it is for the UK market so the photos we have access to, are of the saloon only. However, from the images Honda has revealed, the new car […]

Honda unveils new hybrid HR-V SUV

Honda has recently announced the details for its new HR-V hybrid which shares the same electric drivetrain systems from the existing Jazz, which is also a hybrid. The HR-V will go on sale here in the UK and Europe later this year and will have a 1.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors to make 129bhp in total. Honda hasn’t shared any details yet about the emissions, MPG, performance or […]

Honda pledges to stop selling combustion cars by 2040

Honda has said this week that it will stop making and selling any combustion based cars in twenty years time, by 2040. The Japanese car company has also said that by 2030 at least, it is expecting at least forty percent of its sales worldwide to be fully electric cars and fuel cell based, such as hydrogen. This self set deadline comes a bit late when compared to other car […]

Honda has stopped production at its Swindon factory due to parts shortage

Yesterday, Honda announced that production at its UK based plant in Swindon has stopped due to a shortage of parts, or more specifically the parts can’t get here due to transport issues at the ports. The “transport-related parts delay” refers to congestion at ports in the UK at Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway and it isn’t just affecting car production, its everything from lockdown backlog to Christmas gifts. Like how […]

Honda will stop selling combustion only cars in Europe in 2022

A few weeks ago, the UK Government brought forward the cut off date for the sale of brand new combustion only based cars from 2040 to 2030, with 2035 for hybrids and Honda has responded to say that in Europe at least, it’ll stop selling cars that are only powered by an ICE engine in 2022. This means that after 2022 the new cars that the company sells will either […]

Honda Civic 2016 will have CarPlay at launch

The latest iteration of the Honda Civic, which is due to launch this autumn will have an option for CarPlay at order, the car will sport a 7-inch screen with compatibility for CarPlay as well as Android Auto. CarPlay which was originally launched back in 2013 at WWDC and named iOS in the Car, picked up adoption with the first car with the Ferrari FF last year. Since then car manufactures […]