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Signify launches new Philips Hue compatible Christmas tree lighting

Earlier this week, Signify launched new Festavia string lights that work with the Phillips Hue system. They are due to go on sale next week on 15th November for $160 US or £139.99 UK. The lights have 250 individual LEDs with a 20 meter cord. This, like the image makes it an ideal product to be used on a Christmas tree or anything else such as stairs, around doors and much […]

Philips adds three new outdoor lighting options to its Hue lineup

Philips has unveiled some new HomeKit compatible lights within its Hue platform, with some new wall mountable outdoor lights as well as new candle and fireplace modes for existing models. Signify, which currently owns Philips Hue has announced three new models for outdoor use and they’ll all go on sale later this spring in the US only. There will be the Philips Hue Inara wall light offered, Lucca  and Resonate. […]

The first generation Philips Hue Bridge hub will lose access to the internet in April

Phillips introduced the original Hue Bridge back in 2012, at the same the company released the Hue line of light bulbs and now eight years later, Phillips has announced that on the 30th April 2020 the first generation hub will lose access to the internet and to any connected services that it works with currently. The first generation hub currently works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but not Apple […]