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Jaguar has updated the I-Pace for 2020, now with faster AC charging

This week, Jaguar has updated the all electric I-Pace for 2020 to now included faster charging and new infotainment screen. The I-Pace used to have a 7kW charger on board and now has a 11kW charger which is now three phase too. For charging speed this now means an extra 11 miles can be added per hour, when using an 11kW AC wallbox on a house. On the previous I-Pace […]

Due to battery shortages, Jaguar is halting I-Pace production

On Sunday last week, The Times reported that Jaguar has had to temporarily stop production of the electric I-Pace, due to battery shortages. Jaguar source batteries for the I-Pace from LG Chem, which are manufactured in Poland. Production of the I-Pace ended yesterday in Austria, where Jaguar contracts the production of the E-Pace and the I-Pace to Magna Steyer. The Verge spoke to Jaguar earlier this week who said – “Jaguar Land Rover has […]