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Apple now offering larger iCloud+ plans, 6TB and 12TB now available

Apple has today started offering larger iCloud+ plans, with new tiers of 6TB and 12TB now available. The new larger plans were announced last week at the Apple event and they join the preexisting 50GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage plans. Apple has not made any changes to the base free tier, which remains at 5GB. Apple describes the new 6TB plan as “ideal for photographers and content creators” and the […]

Apple facing outage with iCloud Mail and other services

This evening (UK time), Apple is facing an outage with iCloud Mail, along with other services such as iCloud Calendar and iCloud Keychain which may be seeing slower than usual speeds. However, iCloud Mail is facing an issue since 08:57 PM BST. Just from having a check on Twitter, other users are seeing the same issue with symptoms relating to emails unable to be sent and received, with macOS showing […]

Apple is reported to be using Google Cloud to store 8 million Terabytes of iCloud data

According to a recent report from The Information Apple is using a lot more storage on Google Cloud for customer’s iCloud data. In the report, it mentions that Apple has recently dramatically increased its quota for storage with Google and the company is said to now be storing eight million terabytes on the service, which is also said to be costing $300 million a year. While Apple has its own data centres for […]

Apple will not be offering its iCloud Private Relay service in China

Apple at WWDC announced a fair few privacy related features and a lot of them come via iCloud+, the new name for iCloud storage plans but with more features geared towards privacy. One of the major ones is iCloud Private Relay, a service that allows you to hide more information about you from all the intermediaries involved, such as your ISP and anyone else in the middle. This service is […]

Apple announces iCloud+, a new name for paid iCloud storage and some new features

At WWDC, Apple announced iCloud+ which is essentially the new name for paid iCloud storage with the same prices. iCloud+ still has the more storage option but now includes some extra tools to help you protect your data online. Hide My Email First up is Hide My Email, which uses the same technology from Sign in With Apple and allows you to give a website you’re signing up to a […]

Apple is launching its services in more countries

It is hard to imagine that Apple hasn’t launched some of its services in other countries, but until now the App Store, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts weren’t available in 19 different countries. What’s incredible is that iCloud has been around since 2011 so until now, these countries haven’t had access to these services. Apple Music is launching in 52 new countries too, this includes the 19 […]

Apple iCloud is having issues today, affecting users around the world (RESOLVED)

If you are seeing issues with iCloud today, you may not be alone. Since 3pm GMT / 11AM ET today Apple has been seeing issues with most iCloud services, affecting iCloud Drive, Keychain iCloud Mail, Find My Friends and more. As of writing, there are no specific details of the issue but Apple has said that: “some users are affected.” What do I do? Apple knows about this issue, so there […]