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New IKEA DIRIGERA smart hub due later this year in October

This week it has been revealed that we now know a bit more about the new upcoming IKEA DIRIGERA smart hub. We already know that the hub is due to launch later this year in October, but thanks to an existing listing from IKEA Norway – we now know the price it will be. Thanks to a user on Reddit, who took a screenshot before IKEA removed the listing. The […]

IKEA and Electrify America are bringing more EV charging to stores in the US

IKEA and Electrify America are partnering up to bring much faster electric car charging to IKEA stores throughout the US, in eighteen states. The main plan is to install 220 individual chargers at stores that are capable of 350kW speeds. Electrify America will be starting the rollout later this year, continuing into the end of 2023. The chargers will be installed in 18 different states throughout the US, including New […]

IKEA launches DIRIGERA its new smart home hub that works with Matter

IKEA this week has launched a brand new Smart Home Hub for its line of accessories, including blinds, lights, motion sensors and more. The new Dirigera hub is replacing the existing Trådfri gateway but works with much more devices, including Matter. Matter is a universal smart home automation standard, designed to make using products from many different vendors and and software platforms. Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung have all worked […]

IKEA announces new wireless charging pad to go under the desk

IKEA have a new wireless charging pad that is designed to fit under the desk to be more discrete. The Sjömärke is $40 in the US and will work with most desks or tables. The Sjömärke will fit under the desk using the included double sided tape or by using some screws, which are not included. IKEA say that it comes with a 1.8 metre power cord as well as […]

IKEA will be supplying Swedish homes with clean energy

Soon, retail conglomerate IKEA will become an energy provider in its home country of Sweden. Swedish homes will be able to pay IKEA for 100% clean energy, supplied from solar or wind with usage being able to be checked via an app. The price is yet to be revealed, but will be called Strömma. IKEA is making a few changes to its product line too, it’ll soon stop selling alkaline […]

IKEA Smart Blinds now work with HomeKit

Ikea launched its range of smart blinds almost a year ago now in January 2019 and at the time, it was said that they would work with HomeKit, and up to last week they have not had support for Apple’s smart home platform. At the end of last week, it was reported that a new software update had begun rolling out to the FYRTUR range of blinds on sale from […]

Ikea launches new range of smart blinds

This week, Ikea has very quietly launched a new range of smart blinds, complete sets which work with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa the Google Assistant. Zatz Not Funny originally spotted the new smart blinds and they are ready for order now. Ikea is offering two different models, FYTUR & KADRILJ which both come in five different sizes and start from €99. Where are they on sale? Ikea is offering the range of […]