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UK ISPs and LINX saw record data traffic earlier this week

This week, internet traffic hit a new record high at around 09:20pm on Wednesday 19th October. Traffic spiked in data usage across the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and it hit a new record of 7.179Tbps which is around 0.89TB/s. The traffic on major ISPs saw huge spikes also. The main culprit could be down to the return of Premier League football matches on Amazon Prime, which is primarily coming from […]

Speedtest.net app can now test video streaming performance

The Speedtest app by Ookla has been updated today with the added ability to test video streaming, unlike some apps it wont do a speed test and then gauge what quality your internet can support, it’ll actually load up a video, check how long it takes to load and buffer and then let you know at what resolution you’ll be able to stream. Ookla has said this new test has […]

The east coast of the US is having some major internet issues today

If you’re on the east coast of the US and are having internet issues today, you’re not alone as there are lots of reports of major services being offline such as Zoom, Gmail and Slack. Verizon has tweeted out an update saying that a fibre cable in Brooklyn has been cut and with no ETA yet. This issue is affecting Version, Comcast Xfinity and others. There is a fiber cut […]