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First beta of iOS 11.4 is now available

A few days ago, Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.4 which shortly followed the release of iOS 11.3 last week and with that release people noticed that a few things were missing. The release of iOS 11.4 aims to fix that. iOS 11.4 With iOS 11.3, Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2 were missing, the release last week did include a whole host of new features but these […]

iOS 11.2.6 is released, fixes character crashing bug

Just today, Apple has released iOS 11.2.6 to compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touches – the release only focus on the Telugu bug which was discovered last week, on the 15th Feb. The bug was said to cause crashes, freezes or just a general shut down of the device if one character in the Indian language of Telugu was typed out, so long as the device was running earlier versions […]

Apple releases third iOS 11.2 beta for developers

Just today, Apple has released the third beta of iOS 11.2 for developer access only so far. This update comes around a week after the second beta release of iOS 11.2. While beta three doesn’t bring any new features, just only bug fixes the actual iOS 11.2 update will bring some handy new features once it is released. iOS 11.2 Back when iOS 11 was released at WWDC in June, […]

iOS 11.1 launches, with new Emoji, fixes the KRACK issue and more

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 11.1 to iPhone and iPad users, the update has been in beta testing for a while now with public and developer releases. The new update addresses a number of bug fixes from reports as well as patching the WPA2 WiFi encryption exploit, KRACK from a few weeks back. New features iOS 11.1 is the first major update to iOS 11 since the release, we have […]

Apple releases iOS 11.0.3 to fix issues with unresponsive displays and more

Just today, Apple has released the third update to iOS 11 so far, the initial release of the OS was made available in the later part of September. Also exactly one week ago, iOS 11.0.2 was released with fixes for a rare case of the iPhone 8 making crackling sounds on the ear piece. iOS 11.0.3 With iOS 11.0.3, Apple has fixed a few issues with unresponsive displays on the […]

iOS 11 is now available to download

Today, as promised Apple has released iOS 11 to the public and with it brings a whole host of new features for the iPad, including a whole host of multitasking controls with better split screen support. In short, whats new in iOS 11? While we have a full feature length article on the new features in Apple’s new operating system for iOS devices, below is a highlight of what is […]

New charging sound found in iOS 11 beta, hints to wireless charging for new iPhone

One of the big rumours for this years big update to the iPhone, is that wireless charging may finally come to Apple’s handset. Early on in the year, just shortly after CES 2017 it was rumoured that Apple was working on a true wireless charging solution, with no wires. New sounds in iOS 11 Most rumours now are leading towards the next iPhone, the iPhone 8 – to have wireless charging, similar […]

Will my iPad or iPhone be able to run iOS 11?

Apple’s new iOS 11 for iPads, iPhones and the iPod touch was revealed last week at Apple’s annual WWDC developers conference. iOS 11 adds so many new features which we have detailed in an article on A&T Tech. Learn more about iOS 11 here Will my device run iOS 11? iOS 11 adds a lot of new features, some require the latest hardware and devices like iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c […]

Apple’s new iOS 11 will no longer support 32-bit apps

With this weeks WWDC conference behind us, as usual in the week following the event a few little tidbits and features that weren’t mentioned on stage tend to be uncovered. Apple’s decision to drop support for 32-bit has been rumoured for the past few weeks now, although some might be annoyed that some apps may no longer work, the benefits of having a full 64-bit OS and platform is even better. […]