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Apple silently discontinues 256GB iPhone 7

The brand new iPhone 8 and iPhone X were just released last month and and if you still want an iPhone with a high capacity your only options for now are the newer iPhones, as on the same day that the latest models were released the 256GB iPhone was discontinued. The iPhone 7 now only comes in 32GB, for £549 or 128GB £649. Or £669 and £769 for the iPhone […]

The iPhone 7 is still the world’s most popular smartphone

With the release of the iPhone 8 not very far away, it would be natural to assume that demand for the current model, the iPhone 7 would be a lot less usual as customers would be holding off a few weeks for the new one to be released. But according to a report from Strategy Analytics the iPhone 7 still remains the most popular smartphone on sale today, even beating the recently […]

iPhone 7 is now offered in (PRODUCT) RED

Earlier today, Apple announced a few new products, price changes and also a new app. But one of the most intriguing is the new Product Red iPhone 7. Tim Cook did mention in the press release that Apple and the charity backed by Bono have been working together for 10 years, in that time Apple has helped contribute around $130 million in special edition red products, from iPad cases, iPods […]

This is 7

iPhone 7. After months of speculating in the tech community, Apple has finally unveiled the next generation of the world’s most popular phone and the 10th iPhone ever, despite the name. In short there isn’t a 3.5mm headphone jack anymore, there are new colours and much better cameras. So, iPhone 7 So earlier today Apple unveiled the 10th iPhone to the world, the iPhone 7. Many rumours over the last […]

Apple sends out invites for iPhone 7 event

Yesterday morning, Apple sent out invites to it’s highly anticipated media event for the iPhone 7. The event is going to be held on September 7th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Details of the new iPhone 7 have circling the web in the past few months, speculating on the details and mostly – whether or not the new iPhone will have a headphone jack. What will […]

Leaked photos of iPhone 7 emerge online

For the tech community at least, this time of year is always full of iPhone rumours and leaks about what Apple is planing on releasing in early September. Earlier today another leaked has emerged online showing off a new colour option for the anticipated iPhone 7 and as we are quickly approaching the launch day it seems Apple is struggling to keep the details hidden away from the public. So, what […]

iPhone 7 said to be launched in the week of September 12th

As we’re coming to the end of July, the rumours have been settling down over the last few months about what the new iPhone will look like and what features Apple will be adding in this time around. Now details have leaked regarding the launch date of the iPhone 7. Evan Blass who is a well known mobile phone news leaker and predictor has revealed that the new iPhone 7 will […]

iPhone 7 might have wireless Beats earbuds included

Over the past week or two the rumour mill has been churning out the speculation that the next iPhone, the iPhone 7 will be drastically thinner, waterproof and also something which is most controversial – drop the headphone port. To also aid this rumour, 9to5Mac have reported that Apple may be working on a special wireless version of Beats earbuds to complement the iPhone 7, according to the site the […]