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Apple launches (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Just as we reported this morning, Apple has gone ahead today and launched a new (PRODUCT) RED version of the iPhone 8, which was launched back in September last year. As we mentioned, this isn’t the first time Apple has launched a special edition of the iPhone for (PRODUCT) RED – the iPhone 7 underwent the same treatment this time last year when Apple launched a red edition. Anything new? Surprisingly, […]

Apple may be launching a (PRODUCT) Red iPhone 8 this week

According to a report from MacRumors yesterday, Apple may be launching a new red iPhone 8 in the next few days, with the (Product) Red branding much like it did last year with the iPhone 7 last March. New Red iPhone 8 The news has originated from a leaked memo coming fro Virgin Mobile and shared out by respected Apple news website, MacRumors. It’s reported that Apple could be launching new (Product) […]

Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 with fixes for iPhone 8 call crackling

Earlier this week, on Tuesday Apple released the second update to iOS 11, since the main update was launched in the early part of September. iOS 11.0.1 was released around a week or so ago and just contained a few minor bug fixes and one for email issues with Microsoft Exchange. However, with iOS 11.0.2, Apple has released a fix for the iPhone 8 as some users were reporting issues […]

Pre-orders for iPhone 8, Apple Watch and Apple TV start 15th September

With all the new products announced yesterday, it was kind of hard to keep track of when you can pre-order anything, so below we have outlined when each product will be available to pre-order, when it’ll start shipping or be available and how much it costs. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Release Date iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available to pre-order this Friday, the 15th September. […]

What did Apple announce today?

Earlier today, Apple rounded out one of the most anticipated and rumoured events of the company’s history.  Since November last year, rumours were already flying around for what Apple may do for the 2017 iPhone, which makes it the 10th year of the iconic phone. Today, Apple revealed all. A new 4K Apple TV was announced, along with a third generation Apple Watch with built in cellular support. We saw […]

Apple is holding an event on September 12, for the iPhone 8

We finally have release dates for the big iPhone 8 event! Earlier today, Apple has sent out the official invites for what seems to be the most anticipated, speculated and rumoured about event that Apple has had in a long time. Apple is hosting the media event on Tuesday 12th September and for the first time, it will be held in the new Steve Jobs Theater at the newly built […]

New charging sound found in iOS 11 beta, hints to wireless charging for new iPhone

One of the big rumours for this years big update to the iPhone, is that wireless charging may finally come to Apple’s handset. Early on in the year, just shortly after CES 2017 it was rumoured that Apple was working on a true wireless charging solution, with no wires. New sounds in iOS 11 Most rumours now are leading towards the next iPhone, the iPhone 8 – to have wireless charging, similar […]

This is what the iPhone 8 could look like

All year it seems, the hot topic has been what Apple will do for the iPhone this year, even shortly after the iPhone 7 was unveiled last September the rumours were starting for what Apple may do for the 2017 model. 10 years In the history of technology, 10 years isn’t really a long time, but if we look at how much has changed since 2007 it’s incredible to see […]