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Jeep Avenger petrol now on sale in the UK

Jeep has recently put the new Jeep Avenger on sale in the UK and it is now available in limited numbers in pure petrol form, ahead of the vehicle arriving as a mild-hybrid later next year. Initially, Jeep was only going to sell the new Avenger as a pure electric car, sharing the same EV Stellantis platform as other Vauxhall, Citroën and Peugeot vehicles. The new petrol Avenger is on […]

Jeep confirms a petrol Avenger is coming to the UK

The upcoming Jeep Avenger was originally pitched as an EV, it even won quite a few awards earlier this year. However, the company has revealed that in the UK at least, the car will be sold as a petrol as well in order to meet the needs of customers. Originally, the car was going to be an electric vehicle only, but Jeep has said that it will be marketed and […]

Jeep Avenger 4×4 variant due to launch in 2024

Jeep has revealed that it is planning on launching a new 4×4 variant of the upcoming all-electric Avenger. The off-road focused model will go on sale in 2024, but Jeep has maintained that the front wheel drive Avenger is just as capable off-road as the Renegade. The Avenger is the first model Jeep has ever launched that was designed for Europe, rather than being a US first model, brought over […]

All-electric Jeep Avenger now on sale in Europe for €39k, not UK yet

Jeep has this week put the all-electric Avenger SUV on sale in most of Europe, except the UK for now. The only model on sale is the range topping ‘1st Edition’ and in Germany for example, it costs €39,000 which is around £33,000 here in the UK. Jeep announced the Avenger in October and is the company’s first electric vehicle, it has a decent battery pack which it shares with […]

All electric Jeep Avenger will come to the UK next year

Jeep is planning on launching a new, all electric SUV in the UK next year. The Jeep Avenger will be an entry level model, being the smallest car the company has made to date. Jeep is hoping the new SUV will bring new customers to the brand, with it focusing on younger, female customers. Antonella Bruno, the head of Jeep Europe said that the new Avenger will have equal or […]

All new Jeep Grand Cherokee PHEV on sale now in the UK, priced from £69,900

Jeep has recently launched the new Jeep Grand Cherokee here in the UK. The new top of the range model is priced from £69,900 and only comes as a hybrid variant. Jeep will stop selling pure-combustion models in Europe later this year, but this won’t include Italy. By 2025, Jeep CEO has said that there will be the option of a pure-electric model in “every major SUV segment”. In terms […]

Jeep reveals new Renegade in Brazil, ahead of UK launch

Jeep has unveiled the new Renegade in Brazil this month, ahead of its release here in the UK later this year. The new refreshed model isn’t that different from the current model, with just a handful of minor changes. Around the front of the Renegade is a new front bumper, with chunkier plastic body protection, new grey and red accent features. However, the grille has been changed much more, with […]

Jeep announces new hybrid Grand Cherokee, also coming to the UK

Jeep has announced a new version of the Grand Cherokee a few days ago, now in its fifth generation the new model is going to be made available as a hybrid for the first time and its coming to the UK as a 4xe plug-in hybrid. For the new model, Jeep has developed an all new platform the Grand Cherokee, making the hybridisation now possible. In the 4xe models, the […]

By 2025, Jeep will make an fully electric SUV in every category

Jeep has announced that by 2025, its SUV and off-roader lineup will have a fully electric option for every class of vehicle. Jeep is now owned by Stellantis and with help from them the company will be aiming to have a 4xe version of every SUV it makes. This news was announced at the Stellantis EV Day this year and at the same time, a preview was offered of the […]