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Lamborghini announces the Urus Performante, a lightened and more dynamic version

Late last week, Lamborghini revealed the all new Urus Performante SUV which like other Performante models, takes the standard car and improves on it. To date, the Urus is actually Lamborghini’s best selling car and the new version offers better driving dynamics, less drag all around and comes with a lighter weight too. The new Urus Performante was revealed in person last week at the Monterey Car Week in California. […]

Lamborghini stops taking orders for the Aventador

After ten years, Lamborghini has now officially discontinued the Aventador, its flagship V12 supercar. Earlier this year in July the company released the Ultimae, the final version of the car with only 600 made. 350 of them were coupés and the other 250 were roadsters. The Ultimae is the final version of the Aventador to use a purely combustion engine, a 6.5-litre V12 engine, with no add ons for electrical […]

Lamborghini reveals brand new Countach

Last week, Lamborghini revived an old name plate with the brand new Countach for 2021, deliveries are set to commence in 2022, a price tag of 112 cars and a price tag of £2 million. The new car was leaked before the official unveiling, with a photoshopped version making the rounds on Twitter too. Lamborghini produced the Countach from the mid 70s to the early 90s for around 15 years […]

The VW Group has been offered €7.5 billion for Lamborghini

For the last 20 plus years, the VW Group has owned Automobili Lamborghini, through Lamborghini when it purchased it from Megatech in 1998. Audi paid a now seemingly small sum of $110 million. However this week, the VW Group has been offered €7.5 billion (£6.4 billion) for Lamborghini by a newly formed consortium called Quantum Group AG. The Quantum Group AG said it sees a future in e-fuels and hydrogen […]

Lamborghini is planning on starting production again this week

Lamborghini, like other car companies made the hard decision to temporarily close its car factory in Sant’Agata and stop producing new vehicles. Production stopped back in March on the 13th but the factory hasn’t been fully closed, it has been helping the pandemic by producing masks and other necessary items. Lamborghini also say it is “currently completing all preparatory measures to ensure its people return to work in conditions of […]

Lamborghini temporarily closes Sant’Agata plant due to coronavirus

Lamborghini has had to temporarily close its Sant’Agata plant due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, the factory will be closed from the 13th March to the 25th March to help contain the spread of the virus in Italy. Lamborghini is also based in Northern Italy, where most of the cases of coronavirus are in the country. “This measure is an act of social responsibility and high sensibility towards our people. […]

Alexa voice control is coming soon to Rivian and Lamborghini vehicles

Most cars from Mercedes, Volkswagen and others have their own system built in for grabbing the attention of a voice assistant to do certain things in the car, in Mercedes cars for example you have ‘Hey Mercedes” and in the latest Mk8 VW Golf you now have “Hey Volkswagen” which lets you use your voice to turn the heating up and all sorts of various commands. But what Rivian and […]