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Linksys is adding HomeKit support to its AX4200 WiFi 6 mesh system

Linkys has announced recently that its AX4200 WiFi 6 mesh system will be getting HomeKit support. When a router or mesh system is added to HomeKit, it offers enhanced security, mainly for tweaking the firewall to restrict access for Home accessories. Linksys have released a software update earlier this month for the Velop AX42000 and it can be updated via the Linksys iOS app. The following settings can be adjusted […]

The first WiFi 6E routers from Linksys are now available

Linksys announced its first WiFi 6E routers back in January this year during CES. That event didn’t seem as big as it did in years prior, even though a lot of products were announced but it was a virtual event. Linksys has two systems which were announced that are now available to purchase, with the Atlas Max 6E mesh (header image) and the Hydra Pro 6E router. Both are 802.11ax […]