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Mac mini base spec updated with more storage

Apple today has updated the Mac mini with more storage as standard, for the same price. Nothing else has changed with the specification, just the base storage. The Mac mini starts at £799 here in the UK at $799 in the US and used to come with an 128GB SSD and now for the same price, it has 256GB. The processor and RAM have been unchanged, on the base specification […]

Apple officially makes the 2011 Mac Mini obsolete

This week, Apple has officially marked the 2011 Mac Mini has a vintage model, which mainly involves those older models not being able to be officially serviced by Apple Stores, as well as the Apple Authorised Service Centres and Providers. The 2011 Mac Mini was the first model in the line to drop support for the CD/DVD drive as well as the first to support the Thunderbolt 1 port. Source: […]

Mac Buyers Guide Summer 2015

So you’re looking to buy a new Mac – maybe for back to school (yes, we said it), the machine you have maybe getting a bit tired or you just fancy a new shiny computer to play with – the A&T Tech Mac Buyer’s Guide for summer 2015 will help you out. Now purchasing a Mac is a bit more complicated than looking to buy a iPhone or iPad, with […]