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Spotify now has over 50 million paying subscribers

Even with the constant rise of Apple Music breathing down it’s neck, Spotify’s immense growth is still growing. Last year, the company had around 40 million paying subscribers to the service, it now has over 50 million, it’s definitely going to take Apple a long time to catch up with that. Thank you to our 50 million subscribers. #Spotify50 pic.twitter.com/eXkOV71bwu — Spotify (@Spotify) March 2, 2017 The competition Apple has […]

Last week, vinyl sales in the UK made more money than music downloads

Last week, more money was made selling physical vinyl than downloads made, just think about that – vinyl is well and truly coming back mostly for the unique sound that digital music takes away. Last week £2.4 million was spent on vinyl and downloads amounted to £2.1 million. Vinyl costs more One big thing that stands out is that vinyl versions of albums are much more expensive than CDs and […]

Shazam introduces some impressive new features!

Shazam, the popular apps that finds the ID of any song simply by listening to a sample of a song, has added some impressive new features! Shazam is a mobile app that allows the user to capture 20 seconds of any song, no matter if it’s intro, verse, or chorus, and will create a fingerprint for the recorded sample. The app will then look this hash tag up in it’s massive […]

Apple Music Festival will return starting September 18

Just earlier today, Apple released the details for the next annual and free concert which takes place every year at the London Roundhouse. Apple announced that it’ll run for 10 nights from September 18th to September 30th and people living in the UK can apply to win tickets. Residents outside of the UK shouldn’t feel left out however as like in previous years Apple will be streaming each night online […]

Twitter has invested $70 million in SoundCloud

Twitter has dabbled with the music industry in a few ways, the company’s own Twitter Music service was shut down a few years back because no one knew it existed but now Twitter is back and has invested $70 million in SoundCloud, bringing the value of the audio service to $700 million. The actual deal was made public, but the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didnt actually divulge the actual amount […]

Amazon Prime Music is now available on Sonos systems

It’s no doubt that Sonos is leading the home music system space by storm and it seems to be adding more and more music streaming services all the time, just earlier this year in February Apple Music was opened up to the wireless speaker platform and now following a short beta of six months, Sonos has added support for Amazon Prime Music in Europe. Amazon Prime Music on Prime is available […]

SoundCloud introduces $9.99 per month subscription

It’s long been rumoured that SoundCloud would introduce a subscription plan for users to remove adverts. Usually the service is used to distribute recordings, samples and other audio clips around the world and now the iOS app has received an update today to add the new subscription plan, named Go. SoundCloud’s Go service offers listeners an expanded catalogue of music and new features such as offline playback and no adverts. […]

Google Cast is coming to more speakers this year

Google Cast is very much becoming a standard within its own right, setting game to take on the long established AirPlay from Apple. The technology was originally unveiled back in CES 2015 where Google released their technology plans for Google Cast, not only letting you beam video and photos to a Chromecast which is native Android but also having a native system for playing music to wireless speakers in the […]