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Ford reveals new 2023 Mustang, still with V8 and manual box

Ford has today revealed the all new seventh generation Ford Mustang, which will come to the UK in 2023. Ford unveiled the car at an outdoor event in Detroit today and will go on sale in the UK and other territories in 2023. However, this could be the last model in its entire 58 year history, with the push the electrification stronger than ever. The new model is essentially a […]

Ford has recalled 49k Mustang Mach Es due to overheating batteries

Ford has recently announced a new recall for the Mustang Mach E which is affecting around 49,000 cars. Ford has also asked all dealers to pause deliveries of the car until the issue is resolved. The main issue is that the Mach E could overheat, caused by the high-voltage battery connectors overheating. This could result in the car not starting or to lose power while in motion. Ford has stated […]

Ford will start taking orders for the new Mustang Mach-E GT this week, in the US

Starting this Wednesday, Ford will start taking orders for the new GT version of the Mustang Mach E all electric SUV. Orders in the US will start this week, whereas here in the UK and Europe Ford is still saying a release date of late 2021. The standard Mach-E has been on sale for a little while in the US and UK and customers have already started to receive cars, […]

Ford Mustang now goes V8 only in the UK

Since the Ford Mustang was first offered here in the UK, two engine models were offered. The traditional 5.0-litre V8 with 444bhp and a smaller Ecoboost four cylinder model which was the same engine included in the now discontinued Ford Focus RS. That model had 313bhp when it was initially launched in 2015, but over time Ford had to reduce the amount of power it produced due to European emissions […]

New Ford Mustang Mach 1 will be coming to the UK

In the last few days, Ford announced the new Mach 1 Mustang which boasts a focused chassis for track, new upgraded V8 as well as unique styling inside and out. The Mach 1 was first seen in public at last weekends Goodwood Speedweek and for the first time ever, Ford will be offering the Mach 1 in Europe and the UK. The Mach 1 features the same 5.0-litre V8, but […]

Shelby launches the ‘Shelby Signature Series Mustang’

Last week, Shelby unveiled the new Shelby Signature Series Mustang, which is a highly upgraded Shelby Mustang Super Snake which includes extra performance and appearance upgrades. The new Signature Series version is $127,795 and has Ford’s 5-litre V8 with 825bhp, with a flow through Borla exhaust, and new inlets on the bonnet to force air into the supercharger. All four alloys are new too, forged Monoblock 21-inch versions, with Micheal […]

Ford is planning a hybrid Mustang and new SUV

Ford hasn’t had much to do with electric cars in the last few years, there was an electric version of the Focus a few years ago that was sold only the US and within the cars offered in the UK, no electric cars are offered at all. But in the US Ford is offering six different electric cars, adding up to 69,883 sales in 2016. That all changes, Ford CEO […]