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Nintendo releases update to allow Bluetooth Audio on Switch

Nintendo has released a new software update for the Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED with a highly requested feature, Bluetooth audio. Once updated to version 13.0.0 a new Bluetooth Audio option in the Settings app will appear allowing you to pair headphones, speakers and anything else. A new Bluetooth icon will also show in the status section to indicate when headphones are connected,. The latest #NintendoSwitch update is now […]

Nintendo releases very minor 10.0.1 update for Switch

This week, Nintendo released a very small and minor update for the Switch, version 10.0.1 and it only includes some minor improvements to the OS, which means some small bug fixes. Version 10.0.0 was a much larger release, it came out a few weeks ago and you could move software between the onboard memory to an SD card if needed and also buttons could be remapped. Release notes General system […]

This is the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch

The new Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch console is the latest themed Switch release – and it is gorgeous! The design of this version of the Switch is inspired by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. The Joy-Con controllers are in lovely pastel green and blue colours; The wrist straps are colour matched with the corresponding Joy-Con, we think this is a nice added touch from Nintendo. The back of […]