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Nokia announces new T20 Android tablet

Nokia, under HMD Global has launched a new Android tablet, with a 10.4-inch display and a price tag of under $250 (£185). The display is rated at 2K, with a 1200 x 2000 resolution. Surprisingly for the price, the T20 has an aluminium chassis which should make it feel pretty premium. Inside, is a Unisoc Tiger T610 SoC and 3GB or 4GB RAM, depending on specification. Storage wise, 32GB or […]

New Android TV box with Nokia brand coming to Europe soon

A new Nokia branded Android TV box looks to be coming to Europe soon, according to Golem.de – a German tech site. Nokia won’t be making the box, instead the brand is being licensed out to a company called Streamview. Nokia Streaming Box 8000 as it will be called is rumoured to be about the €100 (£90) and will run Android TV and come with what looks like a traditional TV remote, […]

Nokia branded smart TVs to come soon to India

Nokia, which is now more known nowadays for mobile phone infrastructure equipment – is now launching branded smart TV in partnership with Flipkart in India. Nokia itself won’t be making the TV units, as it seems. The news comes from a report from India Today, which doesn’t contains much information but we do know that it does have JBL speakers. “We are delighted that Flipkart, the leading e-commerce company in the country, […]

Nokia’s new model, the Nokia 6 will launch next month for $229

In the US, Nokia has been to trying to crack the market for ages, but have recently failed – with some help from HMD Global, who will produce the phones for Nokia in the USA. The new phone will be available in North America to start with, with hopefully expansion for other countries, but this is information isn’t clear at this stage. Nokia 6 The new Nokia 6 will be […]

Nokia relaunches the infamous 3310

For the past month or so, there was a rumour going around the internet that Nokia would bring back the iconic 3310 phone. The original phone came out in 2000, 17 years ago and the majority of rumours suggested that Nokia would just start manufacturing the old phone again, unchanged. New 3310 It would have been odd if Nokia had brought back the 3310 without changing anything, with a greyscale […]

Nokia is to get back into the phone game

Nokia is looking at a comeback to the phone market, but recently the company sold themselves to Microsoft and subsequently all the models have been branded as ‘Microsoft Lumia’ as opposed to Nokia Lumia as it was once. But Nokia CEO has come out and said that: “We will look for suitable partners, Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to licence. As […]