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UK will be banning locked phones come next December

Come December 2021, UK regulator Ofcom will be banning the sale of locked phones in an effort to make switching mobile phone providers much easier with less hurdles. The ban was first talked about in December 2019 and if all goes ahead will come into play by the end of next year. Currently there is a charge for some networks to unlock a phone, if it has been sold from […]

Smartphones are now the most popular way to view the web in the UK

The UK are now using smartphones more than laptops and desktops to browse the internet. Since last year usage of smartphones has grown for people using their phone for web browsing. The average amount of time a day someone spends using their phone primarily for web browsing is one hour and 54 minutes a day. 66% of all UK adults now own a smartphone Ofcom conducted a study to determine how […]