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New revised Raspberry Pi 3 launches with better networking and more power

This week, the Raspberry Pi foundation has released a new revised version of the Raspberry Pi 3 which is its current top of the line computer board on offer, the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ offers much faster networking capabilities over wireless and wired as well as new CPU offerings. Model B+ So, the key changes. The new board focuses on improvements to the processor and the key networking IO. […]

Raspberry Pi 3 now has built in WiFi

In just four short years, the Raspberry Pi has successfully made a name for its self, partly to do with the low cost of under £30 but that isn’t all it is also incredibly versatile and useful. Loads of schools in the UK and the US have made uses for this in the IT ciriclum to help teach robotics, programming and more. But now the company is back with the […]