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Samsung Galaxy S7 expected to launch Feb 21

According to a teaser video from Samsung, the next big Galaxy device is set to be unveiled at a media event in Barcelona on Sunday 21 February 2016 at 7pm. The Galaxy S7 is set to be released and the the rumoured specs are that it’ll have 4GB RAM a lower spec 12mp camera and a 5mp front facing camera as well as adding back the microSD card slot for additional […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 to be released this Spring

It has been annouced that the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will be released this Spring according to the Wallstreet Journal. There is likely to be a Mobile World Congress in February — though it’s quite possible for the company to hold their own dedicated event to give the phone higher outburst. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in two different sizes i.e. a flat 5.2 Inch display and the second […]