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The Samsung Galaxy S7 might have USB Type-C

The next big Samsung flagship may use the latest USB standard on the next big Galaxy phone. As always, Apple is pushing the next big thing and a lot earlier than everyone else, earlier this year with the new MacBook a lot of people weren’t very happy that, yet again they had to use a new standard but very quickly other companies adopted the port and USB Type-C may become […]

Samsung launches new Gear VR for $99

Today, at the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference, Samsung have unveiled a brand new version of its Gear VR headset which was originally released earlier in the year but it was really aimed at developers and early adopters and ti was called the “Innovator Edition” and this new version is priced at $99 and is compatible with the latest phones from Samsung including the  Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy […]

Samsung may be copying the iPhone Upgrade Program

  In the UK, buying a mobile phone is a bit different to getting one in the US, over the pond all the major carriers have been working on removing subsidised phones which means the retail cost may be more apparent to customers. At the iPhone 6s earlier this month on September 9, Apple revealed its plan to help you get an unlocked iPhone every year with AppleCare+. The iPhone […]

Samsung launches new Note 5

Yesterday afternoon, Samsung unveiled a few new smartphones including a new Galaxy Note 5. It can be argued that Samsung started the phablet market, so these devices are important for the company, popularity grew with the launch of the original Galaxy Note and now companies are offering a large phone as an option. The company has has actually announced two phones; the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Taking Note […]

Samsung will let you delete bloatware, in China

Samsung has always had an issue with crappy software being included with its phones, in fact most of the Android phones have this issue apart from the fantastic ‘stock’ Android devices from Nexus or Motorola. But recently, China has had recent lawsuits over whether or not bloatware should be included in phones, but as a decision hasn’t been made, Samsung isn’t waiting around, it’s taking action now. Samsung will start […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales were disappointing, so it will be discounted

This seems to be a recurring trend with Samsung as of late – disappointing sales. The company’s predictions for the second quarter of this year were correct, it didn’t make any of its goals for sales and the overall profits dropped. The profits for the company dropped by four percent to $5.9 billion and the mobile division of Samsung dropped to $2.4 billion, which last year was $3.8 billion. To remedy this, […]

Latest SSD from Samsung is 2TB, but is costly

The latest model of the solid-state drives (SSDs) from Samsung now goes up to a whopping 2TB with the new 850 Evo and 850 Pro. Currently these models are only available in desktop versions, but Samsung has confirmed that laptop versions will be coming soon. Samsung has long been making 1TB versions of these drives (over a year in fact) but these upgrades aren’t just an iterative change, Samsung has […]

Major flaw with Samsung phones allows hackers to control phones

It has been revealed that Samsung Galaxy phones have a weakness which allows hackers to easily break into the phone, spy on the users activity and control the device. The root of the problem is the packaged system keyboard which is essentially a redesigned version of SwiftKey. Every now and again, the keyboard requests new updates to see if any are available, currently with the exploit, hackers can easily intercept […]

CES 2015 – Samsung launch new high-tech washing machine

CES is usually a time where new TVs, wearable fitness gadgets, Internet of Things devices, drones, virtual reality and more get launched. But Samsung hasn’t forgotten that simple gadgets matter to consumers. Samsung has launched a new washing machine, which comes included with a built in sink. Samsung is better known for making the Galaxy smartphone range and Galaxy Tab tablets. But Samsung decided to take their new washing machine to […]