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Micron and SanDisk both launch 1TB microSD cards

New week and more news from Mobile Work Congress (MWC). Earlier today, both SandDisk and Micron have launched the world’s first 1TB microSD cards, which can be used in smartphones, including the nw Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Micron and SanDisk, which is by Western Digital have launched similar cards, which are UHS-I microSDXC. The Western Digital card is faster for read speeds on paper, with 160MB/s read vs 100MB/s read […]

SanDisk launches 1TB SD card

SanDisk, arguably one of the most prominent companies in digital storage and media has unveiled the world’s largest SD card. The new 1TB SDXC is a prototype as of writing but we have no idea of when it will be available or also how much it will cost. SanDisk has pointed out, only 16 years ago we were looking at a 64MB SD card as the largest we could get, […]