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Google adds song lyrics to search

Finding song lyrics hasn’t be overly hard in the past but anything to speed up finding information online can only be a good thing. Google has always offered small snippets or cards for relevant informationsuch as local businesses, weather, data conversions, interactive calculator and more – offering up the information you need above the search results. If you’re in the UK and try searching for song lyrics like I did, […]

Back in 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the default search on iPhone

Just today the news has broke that back in 2014 Google actually paid Apple $1 billion to simply be the default search engine on the iPhone, as well as the iPad. This deal was obviously kept very secret until now but the news came from court transcripts which were aquried by Bloomberg. The question is, if Google hadn’t of paid Apple that money what would be the default search engine on […]