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Snapchat will be banning Trump from its platform

President Trump has basically been banned off of every social media platform going, Facebook banned him first last week, followed by Twitter, YouTube and now Snapchat. Other non-social media platforms such as Shopfiy have stepped in to ban the president too. This all stems from the widely spread news from last week and the group of Trump supports which stormed the US Capitol building. Twitter banned him for invoking violence and […]

The recent Snapchat redesign caused the company’s first drop in daily active users

Snapchat rolled out a controversial major redesign to its mobile app in November last year, as a result 1.2 million people signed a petition asking for the app design to be ‘put back.’ As a result it did cause the company to see a drop in daily active users, the first decrease since Snapchat was launched back in 2011. This Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that in the first quarter of this […]

Snapchat is now selling Spectacles online, in the US

Snapchat’s infamous recording spectacles can now be purchased online, for $130. For a while the only way that people good get hold of them was via the Snapbot vending machines which travelled the US offering the glasses for sale and even though the glasses will be on sale online, the Snapbots will still tour the country.     What do the glasses do? So Snapchat, well ‘Snap’ as the company […]

Snapchat will close lens store, even though sales were good

The filters that Snapchat added to the app back in November have proved extremely popular, it was reported that the company was selling around 10,000 lenses every day, but for some reason Snapchat has made the decision to close down the store on Friday 8th Jan, in order to focus more on the advertising side. Even with the story closing, companies such as Beats will still have exclusive lenses, which they are paying […]