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Instagram is now rolling out desktop DMs to everyone

Instagram direct messaging support for the desktop is now rolling out to everyone, everywhere. Starting today, DMs support is coming to instagram.com. Back in early January, we reported that that the support is coming to a small percentage of users and that Instagram was testing it. However now users anywhere will be able to access their message on the web version of Instagram, just look for the paper plane icon […]

Photobucket ransom causes chaos across the internet!

Thousands of images promoting items sold on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy amongst other shopping sites have been removed after the photo-sharing third party service provided by Photobucket changed its terms and services. Not only has this caused issues on the shopping e-commerce sites, but it has caused social media outrage on sites like Facebook and Twitter as they find that many forums and blogs have all the images replaced with what […]

Instagram now has 700 million users, 100m new users in 4 months

Instagram is on a success high recently, just in the last few weeks it was reported that Instagram’s Stories feature had become more popular than Snapchat it self, which is now a direct competitor. Stories now has 200m users everyday, compared to Snap’s 158m daily users. According to latest stats. As of today, Instagram announced that it now has 700 million active users, 100 million of which have joined in […]

LinkedIn now has half a billion users

This week, LinkedIn the business oriented social media network announced that they now have 500 million active members worldwide with 23 million members in the UK alone. LinkedIn has also said that 47% of it’s users are using the service too look for a new job and 19% of users have secured a job while using LinkedIn. “A professional community of this size has never existed until now, so we […]

WeChat now has over 768 million active users

You may not have heard of WeChat, but the messaging app is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. It’s popularity is huge – with over 768 million daily active users now using it. This information comes in a report from Tencent, a Chinese firm who specialise in media and mobile phone investments. They found that around half of all WeChat users spend around 90 minutes per day […]

Instagram now has over 500 million users

The popularity of the social media giant Instagram has been growing rapidly ever since it’s inception and also after Facebook acquired the company too. Also in the past Instagram has never shared how many active users it actually has but now due to the circumstances and the milestone that they have achieved, the company has revealed today that it now has over 500 million users signed up and just 300 […]

Facebook Live is now easier to find in search

Facebook originally unveiled it’s live video streaming feature a few months back and at the time only celebrities could use it but only just recently, Facebook added support for everyone to use Live videos and now as there is so many people streaming online now, the social media company has added in a new search feature, well more adjusting the existing system to better accommodate Live video, making it easier to […]