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Tesla is now bundling solar panels and the Powerwall

Tesla is now bundling together its solar panel products and the Powerwall battery storage device, meaning you can only purchase both of them together. Starting next week, the Tesla website will let potential customers know that the only way to get the Tesla Solar Panels and Solar Roof is to purchase them with the Powerwall battery. Elon has said Tesla will be able to unlock more capabilities down the line. […]

Portsmouth City Council installs solar panels and uses Tesla Powerwalls at Hilsea Industrial Estate

Last month, Portsmouth City Council announced that it had installed a large 250 kilo-watt (kW) solar panel system, coupled with Tesla Powerwalls to store the energy harvested by the sun. They have installed ten units, providing 135 kWh of electricity – which is enough power to keep a typical home for about two weeks. “It’s fantastic to see Portsmouth City Council leading the way when it comes to innovative projects […]

Tesla has now started manufacturing its solar roof tiles

Back in May last year, Tesla began taking pre-orders for its Solar Roof tiles and now this week the company has finally began manufacturing them. The tiles are being produced at a factory in Buffalo, New York. According to the report from Reuters they are also beginning to start surveying the houses of those soon for who placed down the initial $1,000 deposit last year. Cost The cost is actually less than […]