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Apple is now selling Sonos One SL speaker and AirPods cases

Apple has been updating its online store in the past few days with a few new items, such as the Sonos One SL speaker, which features AirPlay 2 and support for Apple Music too. Also, Apple is now selling cases for the latest AirPods Pro, from Incase. The Sonos One SL is wireless, has AirPlay 2 so it can work with HomeKit with the HomePod, and is a lot cheaper […]

Sonos speakers now support YouTube Music

Today, Sonos has announced that its speakers will now work with YouTube Music, which is Google’s relatively new streaming service which gives you access to offline YouTube videos and all the covers you can get on youtube.com. YouTube Music joins Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, Google Play Music, Amazon Music plus many, many more. YouTube Music is supported from today. Let us know if you have tried it in the […]

Sonos One updated to now support voice control of Spotify with Alexa

With the Sonos One, this is the company’s first move into the smart speaker game and while it has already been released and shipped out to customers, Sonos has already released some updates to further improve the capabilities. The new speaker supports Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant out of the box and now Alexa can directly control the playback of Spotify. This feature was originally planned to be implemented by the […]

Amazon Prime Music is now available on Sonos systems

It’s no doubt that Sonos is leading the home music system space by storm and it seems to be adding more and more music streaming services all the time, just earlier this year in February Apple Music was opened up to the wireless speaker platform and now following a short beta of six months, Sonos has added support for Amazon Prime Music in Europe. Amazon Prime Music on Prime is available […]

You can now use Apple Music on Sonos

Apple hasn’t been too keen on working with Sonos in the past, or so it seems but earlier in the year we leaned that Apple Music will be coming to the Sonos music system, up until now the feature has been in beta but now all Sonos users who use Apple Music can now add the service to the app by logging into your account, under the ‘Add Music Service’ section. […]