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Twitter has invested $70 million in SoundCloud

Twitter has dabbled with the music industry in a few ways, the company’s own Twitter Music service was shut down a few years back because no one knew it existed but now Twitter is back and has invested $70 million in SoundCloud, bringing the value of the audio service to $700 million. The actual deal was made public, but the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didnt actually divulge the actual amount […]

SoundCloud introduces $9.99 per month subscription

It’s long been rumoured that SoundCloud would introduce a subscription plan for users to remove adverts. Usually the service is used to distribute recordings, samples and other audio clips around the world and now the iOS app has received an update today to add the new subscription plan, named Go. SoundCloud’s Go service offers listeners an expanded catalogue of music and new features such as offline playback and no adverts. […]