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Starlink now offering £99 upfront for dish, then £75/month in rural UK areas

Last week, SpaceX started promoting a new offer for rural UK customers in where they are offering a limited time deal of purchasing the Starlink hardware upfront, for just £99 and then £75 per month from each month going forward. Usually, outside of this deal the hardware costs £460 up front and then the same £75 per month. This deal is only available for rural areas in the UK, but […]

UK Starlink customers can now opt to rent the equipment

Customers in the UK interested in SpaceX’s Starlink offerings can now choose to rent the equipment from Starlink, as opposed to purchasing it outright. Starlink will offer customers less upfront cost if they choose this option. SpaceX’s Starlink uses thousands of Low Earth Orbit satellites to blanket a good portion of the globe at this point, which has resulted in a highly available, low latency ultrafast broadband connection which can […]

SpaceX makes Starlink work on RVs, whilst in motion

SpaceX has finally worked out how to make Starlink work on moving vehicles. Earlier this year, the company revealed its dedicated plan for RVs, allowing customers to use its satellite internet services whilst travelling, but the main benefit is the service can be paused and resumed whenever it is needed – mainly so you don’t have to pay for those months when it isn’t used. However, as of yesterday SpaceX launched […]

SpaceX has shipped over 100,000 Starlink satellites to beta testers

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been sending out Starlink satellite dishes to customers for around eight months now, following the release of the service in late 2020. Starlink uses a large array of low orbit satellites with connections back to the ground, which then in turn have high speed fibre connections. Having the satellites at a lower level reduces the high latency and slow speeds that traditional satellite broadband services have. […]

SpaceX’s Starlink will be able to achieve 300Mbps this year

SpaceX launched its low orbit satellite service, Starlink to the US and UK in beta form recently and the latency and speeds are very good for a satellite based serviced, with speeds around 150Mbps and latency of 20-30ms. However CEO Elon Musk has said that the speeds will almost double to 300Mbps sometime in 2021. Latency will be dropped too from the 20-40ms in the beta phase to under 20ms […]