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Starlink now offering £99 upfront for dish, then £75/month in rural UK areas

Last week, SpaceX started promoting a new offer for rural UK customers in where they are offering a limited time deal of purchasing the Starlink hardware upfront, for just £99 and then £75 per month from each month going forward. Usually, outside of this deal the hardware costs £460 up front and then the same £75 per month. This deal is only available for rural areas in the UK, but […]

Starlink rebrands RV plan as ‘Starlink Roam’, now offers global roaming

Starlink RV has been rebranded to Starlink Roam last week, also coinciding with the addition of global roaming. The new Starlink Roam product is officially replacing the ‘RV’ plan and will now cost $200 per month, rather than $150 per month. The outgoing RV plan had a limitation where it could only be used in certain geographical areas, which in doing so would mean the connectivity for people travelling could […]

UK Starlink customers can now opt to rent the equipment

Customers in the UK interested in SpaceX’s Starlink offerings can now choose to rent the equipment from Starlink, as opposed to purchasing it outright. Starlink will offer customers less upfront cost if they choose this option. SpaceX’s Starlink uses thousands of Low Earth Orbit satellites to blanket a good portion of the globe at this point, which has resulted in a highly available, low latency ultrafast broadband connection which can […]

Satellite broadband, Starlink now has 1 million subscribers

Earlier this month, SpaceX has revealed that its Starlink satellite broadband network gas recently surpassed 1 million subscribers. The service has pretty much doubled in customers in the last few months, after it was reported that it had 500,000 customers in June 2022. The service is operated by SpaceX, which is owned by Elon Musk. Starlink is operating around 3,320 low earth orbit (LEO) satellites around the world and this […]

Due to a funding issue, Ukraine has lost access to 1,300 Starlink dishes

As of 24 October, around 1,300 Starlink dishes in Ukraine went offline and stopped working, due to a finding issue between SpaceX and the Department of Defense in the US. SpaceX donated the dishes to the war stricken Ukraine a few months back and has been paying for the data plans up until now. Earlier last month, SpaceX sent a letter to the Pentagon asking for the Defense Department to […]

SpaceX makes Starlink work on RVs, whilst in motion

SpaceX has finally worked out how to make Starlink work on moving vehicles. Earlier this year, the company revealed its dedicated plan for RVs, allowing customers to use its satellite internet services whilst travelling, but the main benefit is the service can be paused and resumed whenever it is needed – mainly so you don’t have to pay for those months when it isn’t used. However, as of yesterday SpaceX launched […]

Starlink launches new Maritime plan – $5,000/month internet for boats

Today, SpaceX has announced a brand new plan for using Starlink on boats. ‘Starlink Maritime’ allows customers to use the service whilst moving on boats, but it is pretty expensive. SpaceX is targeting the new plan at yachts, other vessels and oil rings. Starlink Maritime is expensive. First, a $10,000 downpayment will get you two ruggedised high performance Starlink dishes. The power supply is outdoor rated and that larger dish […]

Starlink launches news ‘RV plan’ for pay as you go satellite internet

Yesterday, Starlink launched a brand new plan designed specifically for customers who use an RV regularly. Starlink will sell you the standard dish for £529 in the UK, with a £55 shipping fee and then £114 a month, which can be paused and resumed whenever you need it to be active. Full UK and US prices are below for RV Starlink: One of the big differences between the RV version […]

Starlink launches Portability mode to allow users to use it when away from home

SpaceX has updated the polices on Starlink this week which allows people to move around their country with a Starlink dish and have access to high speed internet wherever they go. The new Portability mode will allow subscribers to use their dish for an extra monthly fee of $25 (about £20). This ability to roam can really only be used in the same continent as the registered home address for […]

SpaceX reveals new Premium Starlink dish, for $500 per month

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service has revealed a new Premium option for subscribers, with an all new dish and a new monthly price tag. For $500 per month, Starlink will offer you speeds between 150mbps and 500mbps with 20-40ms of latency and an upload from 10mbps to 20mbps. This comes thanks to an all new and larger dish, which likely has increased the amount of gain in order to achieve […]