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This new Microsoft ad mocks the MacBook Pro touch bar

Back in the 2000s, Apple had a series of very famous adverts pitting the Mac against the PC and those adverts lasted a few years and Apple didn’t really do any of those adverts again, but in the mid 2010s Microsoft started the conflict again when it launched the new Surface line, comparing iPads and MacBooks to its 2-in-1 touchscreen PC and the latest advert aired over the weekend, during […]

Microsoft’s Surface Hub is now on sale, starts at $7,000

Last year at the Microsoft event in January, the company mainly focused in the release of Windows 10 and the beta process for the release in July, but a few other tidbits and interesting new products were announced along side the operating system news. One was the ‘HoloLens’ headset and the gigantic Surface Hub display, which supports the use of a stylus pen to draw on various pages or diagrams. […]

New ‪Surface‬ 3 launches for $499

Today, Microsoft has announced the the Surface 3, which comes with Windows 8.1. The Surface 3 is a separate product to the Surface Pro 3. Despite having similar names the new Surface 3 has a less powerful processor and smaller screen. The Surface 3 has a quad-core Intel Atom chip, whereas the Pro 3 has the i3, i5 and i7 processors on offer. The base model comes with 64GB of […]