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Tesco returns support for Clubcard in Apple Wallet

We reported back in March 2023 that Tesco has removed support for Apple Wallet for the Clubcard. This was after Tesco had discontinued and removed the old Clubcard app from the iOS App Store. However, the last few weeks the Tesco app has been updated to support Apple Wallet once again. The benefits of using Apple Wallet is that the card can be used offline, as the Tesco app requires […]

Tesco removes support for Clubcard on Apple Wallet, no update yet

Tesco in the UK has annoyed quite a few customers in the past few months, with it removing the Clubcard app from the iOS App Store in January 2023. The replacement app is the Tesco Grocery app, which lacks any support for adding the Clubcard to Apple Wallet, for use offline and with an Apple Watch. Many users on the official Tesco Reddit have complained, as have people leaving app […]

Free charging at Tesco with Pod Point is coming to an end

EV charging network, Pod Point has announced this week that its free charging program at Tesco supermarkets in the UK is coming to an end. Back at the end of 2019, Volkswagen and Tesco partnered up to provide free EV charging at its supermarkets but only for 7kW fast chargers, at the time there was a small charge for anything faster, at 50kW. However, in the three years since the […]