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Rear wheel drive Tesla Model Y now available in UK and Europe

Today, Tesla has launched a new entry level Model Y in the UK and Europe. The rear wheel drive Model Y standard range is now on sale priced from £51,990 in the UK with similar pricing in the rest of Europe. This model will be available to customers between December 2022 and February 2023 and features one less motor, hence being rear wheel drive and has less range too, at […]

Tesla’s Shanghai factory has produced 1 million cars to date

A few days ago, Tesla’s factory in Shanghai produced its one millionth car. This achievement is despite the numerous closures and the supply issues it has seen over the past few months. This new milestone has brought the total amount of vehicles Tesla has produced up to 3 million. Tesla opened Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai back in 2019. It quickly became the largest EV factory in the world. By the […]

Tesla Supercharger location in Germany has been outfitted with new cube lounge

A Tesla Supercharger in Germany has been upgraded significantly recently, following a new partnership with bk World. The two companies have come up with a new cube shaped lounge building which houses numerous vending machines, laptop chargers and even an Nintendo Switch for kids and adult kids to play while the car charges. This partnership between Tesla and bk World would be the first of many where Superchargers are needed, […]

Tesla no longer including mobile charger with new car purchases

Tesla, as of a few days ago has stopped including the mobile charging kit with the purchase of new Tesla cars. Tesla_Adri on Twitter first spotted the issue earlier last week and shortly afterwards, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the news was indeed true. The mobile charger has long been included with new purchase of Tesla cars and allows the owner to charge the car up from a standard […]

Tesla is launching a new cheaper Model Y for employees only soon

Tesla is planning on launching a new cheaper Model Y model with much larger battery capacity. However, the model will only be sold to employees at the moment with a public release soon thereafter. The new Model Y will feature Tesla’s higher capacity 4680 battery cells and will be available for $3,000 less than the Long Range AWD model at $59,990 (£45,000). The Model Y Standard Range AWD will have […]

Elon Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck will go on sale in 2023

This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the upcoming Cybertruck will finally start to be sold in 2023. He announced the news earlier this week at the opening party Tesla held at the new Giga Texas factory. Elon also showed off the production version of the Cybertruck, which doesn’t feature door handles and he also apologised for the delay the Cybertruck has had, after being announced in 2019 with […]

First Tesla cars from Gigafactory in Berlin handed to customers by Elon Musk

The first cars have been produced at Tesla’s latest factory in Berlin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was there today to hand over the first Model Y cars to customers. Elon was there to meet customers of the 30 first cars. Elon Musk was joined by German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz. This new factory in Gruenheide is Tesla’s first one in Europe. Up until now, RHD Model 3 cars destined for the UK […]

Tesla has increased prices for its entire lineup

Tesla has been increasing prices across its lineup this year, with two jumps in price so far in just March. Last week, the company added around $1,000 to its longer range models and now most models have been increased by around $2,000-$3,000 in the US. For example, the base version Model 3 is now $46,990, a jump of $2,000.  The Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive is now $54,490 which […]

Older Tesla’s with 3G built in are starting to lose connectivity

Some older Tesla models from 2012 onwards are starting to see issues with connecting to the 3G networks, as some phone carriers are starting to disable their legacy 3G networks in favour of the new 5G rollout, with 4G LTE being the new minimum going forward. Right from the start, Tesla started including 3G modems in their cars to make sure remote firmware updates can be managed, customers can connect […]

Tesla Model Y is now on sale in the UK

Tesla’s latest all electric car is now on sale here in the UK as well as some other right-hand-drive markets. The Model Y is available now with prices starting at £54,990 for the Long Range All Wheel Drive model. Orders started back in October for the first deliveries to start in early 2022 and here we are, the first customers in the UK are starting to happen. Initially, Tesla was […]