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Tidal now works with CarPlay

Today, Tidal have updated their app to now be compatible with Apple’s CarPlay platform so users will now be able to access their collection as well as the unique Explore section. Tidal is Jay Z’s music streaming service and it mainly focuses on high fidelity audio. While it has been around for a few years now, it’s never managed to gain much traction, at least compared to Spotify, Apple Music and even […]

Tidal is hoping to gain more users, with new features

Tidal is a new music streaming service by Jay-Z, but the launch not long ago didn’t prove successful, so now Tidal is launching masses of new features, apps for Windows and Mac as well as discounts for students. The main idea behind Tidal was to bring high-fidelity music to consumers and making it accessible, but as Tidal is twice the price of Spotify, users need to the value behind it, […]