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Toyota announces new GR Corolla with 300bhp, but no UK launch planned

Toyota has announced its brand new GR Corolla in the last few days, with AWD, 300bhp and a six speed manual it goes head to head with the Volkswagen Golf R, but sadly Toyota has no plans to bring it to the UK or Europe. The GR Corolla will be sold in North America however, unlike the GR Yaris. The GR Corolla is developed by the Gazoo Racing devision within […]

Toyota is working on an automatic GR Yaris

Toyota has been spotted testing a new GR Yaris, but with an automatic gearbox as opposed the standard six speed manual box the car usually comes with. The company entered the car into the ‘Gazoo Racing Rally Challenge’ over in Japan this week. The car is only a prototype at the moment and was driven by Shigeru Hayakawa, who is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota. […]

Toyota announces new faster and lighter GR Yaris GRMN

Toyota has recently announced the the new GR Yaris GRMN which is a beefed up and vastly changed GR Yaris with what sounds like an extensive development process. Toyota last used the GRMN badge on the old Yaris with a special 210bhp version. The new GR Yaris GRMN is only going to be offered in Japan with only 500 being made. Buyers will take part in a lottery to see […]

Toyota announces new Hilux GR Sport with new Dakar themed design

Toyota has recently announced the new Hilux GR Sport, a new top of the range trim level for the Hilux which adds some unique Dakar rally themed aesthetics as well as some performance upgrades. On the outside, the grille now has a TOYOTA word across it, rather than the usual company logo – this is a hark-back to the fourth generation Hilux from the 80s. Also there are new 17-inch alloy […]

Toyota Aygo X will cost from £14,795 in the UK

Toyota announced the new Aygo X city car earlier last month with a more unique take on the category, with a rugged feel, almost like a mini SUV. However, now the company has revealed when it’ll be going on sale in the UK, as well as the price. Toyota will make the Aygo X available for deliveries starting in May 2022, with prices starting at £14,795. The base model comes […]

Toyota announces new hydrogen powered GR Yaris concept

Toyota has unveiled a new concept version of the already popular GR Yaris which is powered by hydrogen, but still using a combustion engine, rather than making a full EV. Toyota showed off the concept at the company’s annual Kenshiki forum. This also isn’t the first time Toyota has put this engine in a car when it is powered by hydrogen, already the company has made a Corolla for touring […]

Toyota announces the new Aygo X, a rugged take on the supermini

Toyota has today announced the new Aygo X, the replacement of the outgoing standard model and now in its third generation. The Aygo X has been raised, with an SUV like look, complete with canvas roof that is retractable and extra cladding on the bodywork. The Aygo X is now 55mm taller and also sits on an all new platform, with a 325mm longer wheelbase meaning more bootspace is offered, […]

Toyota stops selling the Camry in the UK

The Toyota Camry is a staple in the US, but it has only recently made its way back to the UK after a 14 year absence in 2019. However, after two months of introducing a new refreshed model, Toyota has now discontinued the Camry in the UK – citing poor sales performance. The Camry is still listed on the Toyota UK website, but it is unavailable to be configured. The […]

Toyota introduces new RAV4 Adventure, with rugged add ons

Toyota has recently launched a new rugged version of the RAV4 SUV, designed for “the great outdoors” as Toyota calls it. The company has added a new black grille, black trims, underbody protection, wider wheel arches and matt grey alloy wheels. The engine is the same as the standard RAV4, a 2.5-litre four cylinder petrol with 219bhp and AWD. Inside, the seat design has remained the same, but now with […]

Toyota is reducing car production in Japan and USA due to chip shortages

Chip shortages are affecting a lot of industries, everything we use day to day has a computer inside it, washing machines, cars and even things like WiFi lightbulbs. The affects of COVID-19 on a lot of areas is still prevalent and Toyota is the latest car company to face a shortage of semiconductor chips. As a result, the company has now reduced car production by 40% for the next few […]