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Toyota reveals all new Land Cruiser 4×4

Toyota has revealed the new Land Cruiser recently, it’ll sit at the top of the company’s SUV range and being built on a brand new platform, new engine options, new four wheel drive system and new suspension options. However, Toyota will not be bringing it to the UK or any other area of Western Europe. With the new engine options, Toyota is offering two V6 engines, one a 3.5-litre petrol […]

Toyota announces new GR 86, replaces GT86

Today, Toyota has announced the all new GR 86 coupe, which is replacing the outgoing GT86 for the company’s mid range, two door, four seater sports coupe. The GR 86 is sitting below the GR Supra in the line up. Straight away, Toyota has made some much needed improvements. The general consensus was that the old GT 86 was underpowered, with 197bhp and 151lb ft torque. So Toyota has improved […]

Toyota launches new entry level version of the GR Supra in the UK

This week, Toyota has introduced a new less expensive version of the Toyota Supra, with a smaller engine and over £7,000 cheaper. The new entry level GR Supra now has a 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine from BMW, producing 254bhp and its now on sale in the UK. The standard Supra has a 3.0-litre straight six from BMW producing 335bhp and like that engine the new 2.0 version is also from […]

Toyota opens up pre-orders for the new GR Yaris, starting at £29,995

Back in early March, we reported that Toyota had revealed the pricing for the new upcoming GR Yaris hot hatch and starting this week, the car has now opened up for pre-orders, with deliveries starting in November. The GR Yaris will go on sale in October 2020, with deliveries taking place a month later. The new GR Yaris starts at £29,995 here in the UK. Two trim levels exist, the […]

Toyota Highlander hybrid to come to the UK next year

Today, Toyota has announced that the Highlander SUV will be coming to the UK by 2021 for the first time, in a hybrid all-wheel-drive configuration. The new Highlander, when it goes on sale will be the first version to come to the UK, being only offered in the US and some regions in Europe before. The Highlander shares the same platform as the Camry, which is also offered here in […]

Toyota is expected to launch a new GT86 for 2021

The current Toyota GT86 has been around for a good few years now, and according to a leaked internal slide from a presentation the GT86 may get a new generation come summer next year. A number of complaints with the current version is that it is a bit underpowered. The current GT86 has 197bhp and its rumoured that the new version will have 255bhp, from a turbocharged engine. Subaru and […]

New Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch is priced at £29,995 in the UK

Gazoo Racing – if you’ve never heard of them they are Toyota’s version of RS and AMG and how they related to Audi and Mercedes, it’s a dedicated team within a car company which takes sometimes seemingly ordinary cars and makes them, well less ordinary. A few years ago, in 2018 Gazoo Racing took to work on the last generation of the Yaris, with the ‘Yaris GRMN’ but since then […]

Toyota drops the Land Cruiser from sale in India

Earlier in January, the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser was pulled from sale in India due to upcoming emissions changes in the country. Both the LC200 and Prado were discontinued and they are relatively old models now with out of technology, so Toyota decided to drop the 4×4 from sale rather than reengineer them to meet the new BS6 emissions. The LC200 was not designed to meet emissions standards, it had […]

Toyota’s new 2020 Corolla will work with CarPlay

In the US marketplace, the Toyota Corolla has been the best selling car for a very long tine – as long as we can remember. With the new 2020 Toyota Corolla, the company is bringing the nameplate back to the UK, which will be replaicing the current Auris. But with the brand new 2020 Corolla, Toyota has finally added support for Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Whether or not […]

CarPlay and Android Auto for Toyota US pickups coming for 2020 models

Toyota today has announced an all new pickup truck in the US, the 2020 Sequoia at the Chicago Auto Show as well as some exciting CarPlay and Android Auto news for US customers. The 2020 Sequoia joins a roster of TRD Pro vehicles that includes the Tacoma mid-size and Tundra full-size pickups and 4Runner SUV. Toyota CarPlay & more For the 2020 model year pickups from Toyota in the US, […]