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Ubiquiti launches new AI Pro camera, with 4K

Ubiquiti has recently debuted the UniFi Protect AI Pro camera, which builds upon the AI Bullet camera with the addition of 4K video, 3x optical zoom and two way audio. Being an AI camera, it can detect people, vehicles and read license plates. The AI Pro is listed on the various worldwide UI stores for £478.80 UK, $499 US and more. In the US it is currently sold out, but […]

Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Pro vs G5 Pro

The new G5 Pro has gone on sale this week, and seems to offer pretty much all the same features as the G4 Pro all while costing less. The new camera uses the same 8MP sensor running at a 4K resolution, but thanks to significant improvements to low light image quality, it will likely perform better than the G4 Pro. A new accessory has been added, which connects to the […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk is coming to the UK in Q3 2023

UniFi Talk has been offering UniFi Talk in the US since July 2021 and since June 2023 for Canada. However, many people have been asking for support for more countries. Well, when Ubiquiti redesigned the store the all of the UniFi Talk phones were added to the store for pretty much all areas, including the EU and UK a place where UniFi Talk is not yet available. However, we spotted […]

Ubiquiti launches new G5 Pro camera for UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti has launched the new G5 Pro camera for use with UniFi Protect and is on sale now in the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. The G5 Pro essentially replaces the G4 Pro and is even less expensive too. As of writing, the G5 Pro is out of stock but thanks to the advancements Ubiquiti has made with the G5 line, the new camera should perform better in low light […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Protect 2.8.28 with support for G4 PTZ tracking and more!

Earlier today, Ubiquiti released UniFi Protect 2.8.28 which includes a huge list of improvements and bug fixes to the platform, as well as a few new highly requested features. First off, this update requires your UniFi OS Console to be running version 3.0 or newer in order to be able to install this version. In terms of new features, Ubiquiti has now added auto-tracking on the G4 PTZ, which is […]

Ubiquiti stops the EA hardware program, something new is in the works

Earlier today Ubiquiti announced that the long standing EA hardware program would be coming to an end, temporarily it seems. According to an official community post, Ubiquiti has now paused the Early Access Hardware Program and something new will be announced at a later date. For a number of years now, the company has offered customers to purchase early hardware from the EA Store, with the understanding that feedback would […]

Ubiquiti is working on a soft-phone for UniFi Talk

In the last few days, Ubiquiti has finally confirmed that they are working on a soft-phone for UniFi Talk. Back when UniFi Connect was announced, a Talk widget was spotted inside of the UID app which hinted that the company has this in the works. However, the feature has been missing for a long time. Just a few days ago on Facebook, which was then subsequently to Reddit, Ubiquiti confirmed […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Mobile Router (UMR) now GA, priced from $199

Ubiquiti revealed the UniFi Mobile Router (UMR) back in November 2022, advertised as a unique 4G device for fleets to tracking vehicles, thanks to the integrated GPS. It would also be useful as a travel router, for RVs, caravans, motorhomes or to use while using hotels if the WiFi isn’t too great. Announced to the EA store initially, it looks pretty unchanged apart from the colour, which seems to be […]

Ubiquiti launches new second-generation UniFi Access Reader

This week, Ubiquiti has moved one of its second generation UniFi Access devices out of EA onto the general availability store. Ubiquiti launched the new G2 Professional a few months ago and it has seen a relatively quick beta process, compared to other Ubiquiti devices. The old Access Reader Professional used a FrontRow camera shell with a round screen and integrated camera for people to see who is at the […]

Ubiquiti launches new AI DSLR camera, on sale now

Today, Ubiquiti has moved the new AI DSLR camera out of the EA store into GA. The super expensive camera was announced back in October 2022 and comes with an add-on lens as well as an outdoor shroud to make the camera look less conspicuous. The camera connects to the UniFi Protect application and records in full 4K resolution, using the 10MP sensor. There is also support for two-way audio, […]