The new ULEZ scrappage scheme is now live in London

The new ULEZ scrappage scheme is now live in London, as of today (21st August 2023) and totals £110 million which will give people easier access to replacing their car, if the current one doesn’t meet the upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) regulations. On 29th August, the new expanded ULEZ zone goes live and essentially encompasses everything inside of the M25, albeit using it as a rough boundary line. […]

London ULEZ expansion approved to go ahead

In the last few days, a judge has ruled that the expanded ULEZ zone has been approved to go ahead later this month. London mayor Sadiq Khan has been planning an expansion of the zone for a while now and the aim is to help reduce emissions and improve air quality within the capital. The new zone will go ahead on the 29th August and broadly applies to anything inside […]