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Volvo announces push to go SUV only in the UK

As of this month, Volvo is only selling SUVs in the UK, with S60 saloon, V60 and V90 estates removed from sale. Earlier this summer the larger S90 saloon was removed from sale, along with the V60 and V90 Cross Country estate models. This change was deemed to be part of a wider “consolidation” of the Volvo range. Last year, the S60 was temporarily removed, but was added back shortly […]

Volvo delays EX90 due to software issues

Volvo has decided to delay the upcoming EX90 electric SUV, which was debuted in November last year. The upcoming car was due to begin production later this year but due to software issues, the company has delayed it until the first half of 2024. Production will take place in Ridgeville, US and Chengdu, China. It is now not confirmed when exactly the EX90 will start being delivered to customers. The […]

Volvo stops selling the S60 saloon in the UK

Volvo only offers two saloons in its lineup, the S60 and and larger S90. However, earlier today the Swedish brand announced that the S60 has been removed from sale in the UK. Volvo has said this is only a temporary change, but no information has been given if and when it would be back on sale. The S60 started at £44,005 in the UK, with the choice of two engines. […]

Volvo to launch new all electric EX90 SUV this November

Volvo has announced that it will launch a brand new electric SUV this November, called the EX90. Judging by the name, this new model will be based on the XC90 and be fully electric and will go on sale alongside an upcoming, brand new XC90. The new car is to be revealed this November and go on sale in 2023. Volvo is aiming to become a fully electric car brand […]

Volvo is adding Apple CarPlay support to some newer models with new software update

Volvo has released a new software update for some of its newer models that run the Android Automotive OS. The new update can be installed remotely over-the-air and finally add support for Apple CarPlay again. Ever since Volvo moved away from its own native operating system and used Google provided software, the support for Apple CarPlay has been noticeably lacking. However, better late than never – Volvo has now released […]

Volvo launches new over the air update program for its whole model range

Volvo has announced this week that it is now offering over the air software updates for every model in its range, including the XC90, S60 and V60 and XC40. All of the combustion and electric vehicles the company offers are included in this. The XC40 was the first model to have over the air software updates so Volvo is extended this to rest of its range. This week, the latest […]

Volvo updates the XC40 Recharge with new facelift

Volvo has today revealed a new facelifted version of the XC40 Recharge as well as a new single motor version of the C40 at a lower price point. Volvo has introduced a new less expensive version of the C40 Recharge, the coupe edition of the XC40. The C40 can now be specced with a single motor, which will drive the front wheels only, the existing dual motor version is still […]

Volvo is aiming to remove leather from all its cars by 2030

Volvo has announced that it’ll be ditching all leather in its cars by 2030 in a bid to reduce the need on cattle farming, as this has a negative impact on the environment. Volvo has already started offering a model without any options at all for leather upholstery with the new C40 Recharge an all electric small SUV. This leather free choice is going to be the default for all […]

Volvo releases price information for new C40 Recharge

Last month, Volvo released the prices for its new all electric C40 Recharge, the first EV from the company. The small crossover is on sale now with prices starting at £57,400 in the UK. The C40 is very similar to the XC40, the company’s smallest SUV which also has its own all electric version, however the C40 has a more coupe like design with a sloping rear window, like a […]