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The first WiFi 6E routers from Linksys are now available

Linksys announced its first WiFi 6E routers back in January this year during CES. That event didn’t seem as big as it did in years prior, even though a lot of products were announced but it was a virtual event. Linksys has two systems which were announced that are now available to purchase, with the Atlas Max 6E mesh (header image) and the Hydra Pro 6E router. Both are 802.11ax […]

Eero’s routers and mesh system now supports Apple HomeKit

At Apple’s WWDC last year, it announced a few additions to HomeKit, one was HomeKit Secure Video which utilises the power of the HomePod or Apple TV to analyse footage and stores videos in iCloud. This week, Netatmo announced support for this. The other, was HomeKit support for home routers which will automatically configure the firewall to help isolate smart home devices from your main LAN. This isn’t a new […]

Deal: 5 great deals we found on WiFi routers

Here at A&T Tech we try to make a good effort to provide our readers with great tech related deals we can find online, and what better with it now being spring to snag a great deal on a new router for the home or office? Below are five great deals we found for well reviewed WiFi routers on Amazon.co.uk Wavlink N300 was £35.99 now £17.99 While a relatively unknown […]

British Airways is now offering WiFi onboard

British Airways has announced this week that onboard WiFi would be offered on its aircraft, however while the news may be all rosy, the rollout plan is going to take a while. As of writing, British Airways is offering currently WiFi on three planes, out of the entire fleet. The company has promised however, that over the next two years 118 planes will support onboard WiFi access. By 2019 we […]

How to get WiFi to the garden – #HomeNetworkingMonth

As part of our Home Networking Month, our next topic is getting WiFi into your garden so you can stream music or internet radio while having a BBQ and with summer coming up what better time to get this installed and spending the time to perfect it. The general problem with a lot of households and their wireless network is that it generally routers aren’t powerful enough to provide sufficient […]

Deal: Ubiquiti UAP AC for £119

The new Ubiquiti AC access point features the latest 802.11ac technology for high performance home or enterprise WiFi and easy management, data usage and client view. This is one of the products to appear in our Home Networking Month in April and it’s now just £119 on Amazon. Grab the Ubiquiti UAP AC LR for £119 on Amazon.co.uk

Welcome to Home Networking Month

For the entirety of April, A&T Tech will be publishing helpful tips on home networking, suggesting significant upgrades for your router, cabling and some ingenious systems to work out how much data is really being used in your home. This isn’t just what we want to post or write about, there will also be a F&Q section where if any readers have any questions about home networking we will do our best to […]

New WiFi standard 802.11ad is three times faster than normal WiFI

At CES this week TP-Link unveiled the first consumer router which has the brand new 802.11 standard running at a whopping 60Ghz, the conventional bands used in the hoe environment are 2.4GHz and 5GHz maxing out at around 1,300mbps using 802.11ac. This new standard unveiled by the WiFI Alliance back in 2014 runs at a much higher 60GHz and supports around 7.2Gbps at short distances, basically in the same room with […]

Free WiFi to come to all trains by 2017

For those who travel on the train, trying to use the WiFi (if any) is a slow process, with login details and slow speeds, the struggle is real. The UK Government has realised this, even using 3G or 4G is just as bad with spotty signal patches. The Government is investing £50 million to launch a free WiFi served across all the major train networks. Rail Minister, Clair Perry announced […]