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Forza Horizon 4 is now out on Xbox One and Windows 10

Earlier today, the full public release of Forza Horizon 4 was released for purchase for Xbox One and Windows 10 users, the Forza franchise has been to the old cobbled streets of Europe in Horizon 2 and the sandy outback of Australia with Horizon 3, but now the game is coming to the UK with Horizon 4 so players can experience sprawling Scottish Mountains, cotswold towns and tight fast lanes. […]

YouTube now supports 4K on Xbox One

Last summer, in 2016 Microsoft launched the Xbox One S and while it was the first console the company had made which supported 4K, not every service did. Most namely is YouTube and just until today, both the Xbox One S and the brand new Xbox One X couldn’t stream 4K content from YouTube. This week, Microsoft is now rolling out a new version of the YouTube which supports 4K […]

China isn’t banning gaming consoles anymore

China has long had a ban on gaming consoles in the country, but last year it was lifted for companies registered within Shanghai. Now, the Ministry of Culture has now allowed companies to sell consoles. China now uses a large amount of smartphones led recently by Apple as the country has become a large market for iPhone – for some people a smartphone is their only device for TV, gaming, […]

Sea of Thieves from Rare will be on Xbox and Windows 10

Rare have a brand new game named Sea of Thieves which is coming soon. The most intriguing part is the fact it will launch not only on Xbox One, but Windows 10 as well. Sea of Thieves is the most ambitious game that the company has made, according to Rare. The game will allow platers to play together in groups, explore various islands and fight enemies whilst hunting for treasure. The trailer is below […]

Refreshed Xbox One launched with 1TB and new controller

Earlier this week, Amazon accidentally leaked an upcoming refresh of the Xbox One and now Microsoft has officially unveiled the updated console. Not much has changed with the actual console, but Microsoft has added a 1TB HDD and a refresh controller. The updated bundle also includes a copy of Halo: Master Chief Collection, the bundle will be available on June 16 for $399 and the controller can be bought separately for $64.99, should you […]

New Xbox One leaked, by Amazon

We may be seeing a new Xbox One at the upcoming E3 2015. E3 is in just ten days and the refreshed console might have 1TB of storage, a new controller and Halo The Master Chief Collection for $400. Amazon has a quiet listing for the new console which is set to release on June 15, which is the same time as E3 20 15. The new bundle will feature […]