Free Deliveroo deliveries are now included with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime in the UK is about to get a bit more useful, as one year of Deliveroo Plus is now included at no extra charge. Deliveroo offers unlimited free deliveries with its premium subscription, but a minimum spend of £25 per order is required to benefit from it. Around two years ago Amazon invested $575 million into the company. Deliveroo charges £3.49 per month for Deliveroo Plus, taking into […]

Amazon and Tile partner up to take on AirTag from Apple

Apple launched the new AirTag last month and Tile has been vocally against Apple lately, along with other developers such as Spotify and Epic. AirTag takes unique advantage of the iPhone and the Find My network, as well as utilising the U1 Ultra Wide Band chip that is in the most recent generations of iPhone. Third party manufacturers don’t have access to the U1 chip, but Apple did open up the […]

Ford is adding support for Alexa to its new cars

Last week, Ford announced that it is planning on adding over the air software updates to its cars that support it, on the Mustang Mach E and new Bronco and as part of that, Alexa support will be added too. Obviously, people know Alexa from Amazon’s line of smart speakers and the Fire TV but in a car, it’ll be used to help the driver get information on traffic levels, […]

Microsoft Office and OneNote are now available on Amazon Fire tablets

Microsoft and Amazon have partnered up to bring the Office apps and OneNote to Amazon Fire tablets, by adding them to the Amazon Appstore. Microsoft has consolidated Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one app and this isn’t the first the company has brought its applications to the Amazon Appstore. For a while now, Outlook, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass apps have been available on Amazon’s tablets. To go along with […]

Amazon drivers may soon build purchased furniture

According to Bloomberg, Amazon may be working on or considering having its delivery drivers offer furniture building services for items it sells online, something more traditional shops such as Ikea, and John Lewis offer here in the UK and over in the US, Lowes and Best Buy too. Amazon would launch the service in Virginia first as well as some other areas, Bloomberg also said that the service would see the Amazon […]

Amazon launches a checkout-less Fresh grocery store in London

This week, Amazon has opened the first Fresh mini supermarket outside of the US in London. The Fresh store was first unveiled back in 2017 and Amazon now has over 25 stores stateside with a large supermarket in Seattle. The concept made headlines when it was announced thanks to not having any checkouts, you simply walk in, get what you need and walk out. Once you leave, what you picked […]

Amazon Music launches on Google TV and Android TV

As of last week, Amazon Music is now available on Google TV and Android TV devices, in the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan and Australia. Android TV runs on TVs, set-top boxes as well as speakers. Amazon Music is included for free with Prime memberships and has access to to 70 million songs, it might not be as popular as Apple Music and Spotify […]

The Ring Neighbours app has been exposing users precise locations

For those who don’t use the Ring system for doorbells and security cameras it has a Neighbours app designed for a whole community to use, as a neighbourhood watch type of service and there isn’t a need for any Ring hardware at all. However, like the hardware and services Ring offers, the app now is suffering from some privacy issues. The Neighbours app has ben exposing the precise locations and […]

Amazon launches its own TV in India

Amazon has a new TV in India released under its budget AmazonBasics brand, and it is a Fire TV Edition TV, essentially running the same interface and software you’d find on a standalone Fire TV Stick. This is the first time Amazon has made its own TV under the Fire TV Edition program, typically it partners with other TV manufacturers. So far Amazon has two versions, a 50-inch model and […]

New Amazon Fire TV interface rolling out

Amazon today has started to roll out the new redesigned interface for Fire TV which is coming to the third generation Fire TV Stick and TV Stick Lite first and then later on down the line, other Fire TV devices will get the update. The main dashboard has been redesigned with a brand new look and user profiles system wide have also been added, similar to Apple TV. Up to […]