HBO Max is now on Amazon Fire TV

In the US, HBO Max was launched and like any new service it is now making its way out to all the platforms and today HBO Max is now available on Amazon Fire TV. The app does work in a different way to how Amazon usually allows third party services to work, usually Amazon wants them to integrate into the Amazon Prime Channels system but from what has been said […]

Amazon has a new all electric delivery van it built with Rivian

Amazon is working towards making delivering its goods more environmentally friendly and one good way to do that is remove combustion based delivery vehicles. Enter the new all electric delivery van from Amazon, built with Rivian – a company best known for their upcoming electric pickup and SUV. The new van doesn’t actually have a name that we could find from Amazon, weirdly. “Amazon is excited to reveal its first […]

Amazon will be hosting a two day “Prime Day” next month

Every year, Amazon typically holds a 24 hour+ ‘Prime Day’, the first was around five years ago to celebrate a company anniversary and since then this big one day sales event has taken place every  July, but due to the pandemic, Amazon did delay Prime Day and this week the new date has been revealed, this time like in 2019 the event will span two days from 13th to the […]

Amazon Prime Day could be taking place next month

Amazon invented its own holiday/sales day and hey its Amazon, they can and it works. The first Prime Day launched in July 2015 in honour of the company’s 20th anniversary. The last Prime Day took place on the 15th and the 16th of July 2019. But due to ongoing demand and just the complications with the coronavirus, hosting a massive sales day probably wasn’t the best idea. Amazon came out […]

Amazon is adding 1,800 electric vans for delivery vehicles in Europe

This week, Amazon has announced that it is going to be adding about 1,800 brand new all electric vans to its fleet for Europe this year to help reduce its carbon footprint. The vans will be Mercedes eSprinter models, of which Amazon will be using 1,200, the other 600 will be eVito vans from Mercedes. This is in a pledge from Mercedes which is committing to have zero carbon emissions […]

Amazon Video bringing Top Gear back in 2016

Amazon have signed a deal with the former Top Gear team earlier this morning to bring the show to Amazon Instant Video in 2016. Earlier this year in March, Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from the BBC due to a fracas with the show’s producer and since then a large amount of speculation has been surrounding whether it will return. Clarkson said in statement: “I feel like I’ve climbed out of […]