Apple is expected to class many iPod models as obsolete later this month

According to a report from MacRumors earlier today, Apple is expected to mark many iPod models as obsolete later this month. Apple typically classes a device as obsolete once it has been in the vintage status for a while. Apple considers devices as ‘vintage’ once it has been around for about five years. After this, Apple then moves them to the ‘obsolete’ status. Once a device is ‘vintage’, this doesn’t mean Apple […]

Now discontinued, Apple removes all references to iPod touch from its main website

Earlier this month, Apple announced that the iPod touch was being discontinued – marking an end to an era. Apple started making iPods back in 2001 which helped rescue the, at the time struggling company. Just a few weeks ago Apple said the iPod touch would remain up for sale so long as stock last. It seems that stock didn’t last long at all, as Apple has now removed all […]

Apple has now discontinued the iPod touch

Yesterday, Apple announced that after 21 years, the last iPod on sale has now be discontinued. The iPod touch was last updated back in May 2019 when it had a very light spec bump, receiving the A10 Fusion from the iPhone 7. Ever since the first iPhone was introduced in 2007, the fate of the iPod was settled. The iPod helped a struggling company at the time get out of […]

20 years ago today, the original iPod was introduced

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the original iPod, when it was announced by a financially recovering Apple back in 2001. Steve Jobs announced it at the Town Hall in Apple’s old headquarters, Infinite Loop. Back in 2001, Apple had really only offered its Mac lineup and iTunes, obviously the company had dabbled with the Newton before Jobs returned to the company and helped put it back on track, revamping […]