Hotel Chocolat updates VIP.ME card to support Apple Wallet

Hotel Chocolat has updated its app this week to support Apple Wallet, after the loyalty card launched back 2015 albeit to a limited number. However, as the more and more loyalty cards we collect, the ever growing need for it to be digital and available through Apple Wallet increases. This week the company updated its app and while it only hits the bare minimum in terms of features, it does […]

Apple is planning on making iPad bezels smaller

It has been reported this week by Mark Gurman, of Bloomberg that Apple is planning on making the bezels on future iPad models smaller than they are now, to go inline with what Apple has planned for the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro. The next iPhone is expected to be announced next month. For the new iPhone and upcoming iPad models, Apple is said to be using a new manufacturing process which will […]

Apple TV+ now available for free on Air Canada flights

Air Canada has this week revealed that it is now offering some free Apple TV+ shows for customers flying with them, such as Ted Lasso, Foundation and The Morning Show. Other shows are available from Apple TV+ too and this is now the second airline to offer free Apple TV+ shows for passengers, the first being American Airlines. The idea is that users will get a taste of the shows […]

macOS Sonoma will allow third-party browsers to access iCloud Keychain

macOS Sonoma will be made available later this year, but at the moment it is being worked on and tested by developers and the public beta testers. It has been revealed by Apple employee, Ricky Mondello that macOS Sonoma will allow thirds party browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge access to the iCloud Keychain to be able to autofill passwords and usernames. This will use the browser extension, […]

MacBook 12-inch is now considered obsolete by Apple

As of today, Apple is now considering the original MacBook 12-inch from 2015 as obsolete. This sounds worse than it actually is, it essentially means that Apple will no longer be able to repair the device at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. Apple will still help you on the phone support, to an extent but at this stage the device was released over eight years ago and was […]

Apple has posted the whole first episode of Silo on Twitter

As a seasons on Apple TV+ is coming to an end, Apple has decided to post the entire first episode of Silo on Twitter. This move is to probably tease the season which has its finale coming this Friday. The @AppleTV account on Twitter shared the entire first episode and at the time of writing, it has had just under one million views. Twitter recently allowed longer videos to be […]

Apple releases iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5

Apple has today released iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 both of which are available now. This update comes around a month after iOS 16.4 was released and includes a new sports tab within Apple News, pride wallpapers and addresses some serious vulnerabilities which are fixed in this release. To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Release notes This update includes the following enhancements and bug fixes: – […]

HomePod is now on sale in Denmark

Last week, Apple put both HomePod models on sale in Denmark, shortly after being launched in Singapore in April. Both the new second-generation HomePod and HomePod mini are now available. The larger HomePod is 2.599,00 kr and HomePod mini is priced from 899,00 kr. The new larger HomePod was launched earlier this year in January, after the original model was dropped in 2021. The HomePod mini was debuted in October […]

The OG iMac was revealed 25 years ago today

Today marks 25 years since the original iMac G3 was debuted back in 1998. Steve Jobs was brought back to Apple in the late 90s and needed something big to help bring the company back out of near bankruptcy. The iMac was a complete departure from computers at the time, which were beige and boxy. Apple wanted to make something more interesting and even after all this time, it is […]