Apple finally explains what to do if users are experiencing issues with HomeKit

Apple has outlined what to do with the recent bugs in the Home app in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, iPadOS 16.2 and more. The new software updates were released last week and many people have reported issues with the Home app ranging from unresponsive devices to being unable to invite any new users. Apple has now shared some official guidance on what to do if you can’t invite users properly. […]

Apple has pulled the new Home Architecture in iOS 16.2

As of yesterday, Apple has seemingly pulled the new and updated Home Architecture that can be found in iOS 16.2, macOS 13.1, HomePod 16.2 and other recent software versions. These new software versions have only been out for a little over one week and many users online have been reporting issues with HomeKit. Since iOS 16.2 was released, the new and improved Home Architecture was also available, but required every […]

Apple TV app could be launching on Android soon

Today it has been reported that Apple could be working on a dedicated Apple TV app for Android. The news comes from @ShrimpApplePro on Twitter who has accurately leaked information about Apple before, unclosing the box design for the iPhone 14 Pro and the Dynamic Island altogether. They have also reported that Apple is currently in the middle of beta testing and plans to release it soon. exclusiveApple TV app […]

Belkin puts the new Continuity Camera Mount for Mac desktops on sale

Last week, Belkin has put the new Continuity Camera Mount for Mac desktops on sale, via the official Apple Store in the US, for $39.95 but isn’t available in the UK just yet it seems. The new mount allows an iPhone with MagSafe to be attached to the top of the display of an iMac and other displays such as a Studio Display or even most third party displays too. […]

Samsung launches new world cup themed ad, mocking the iPhone’s inability to fold

Samsung has today released new advert, focusing on mocking the iPhone for not having the ability to hold, like the Galaxy Z Flip4. The ad mainly focuses on a crowd of smartphones, clearly iPhone and Galaxy Z Flip4 devices, with the iPhones showing a sad emoji when they realise they can’t take part in the Mexican wave. The new ad was released on one of Samsung’s Weibo accounts, with the […]

Apple facing outage with iCloud Mail and other services

This evening (UK time), Apple is facing an outage with iCloud Mail, along with other services such as iCloud Calendar and iCloud Keychain which may be seeing slower than usual speeds. However, iCloud Mail is facing an issue since 08:57 PM BST. Just from having a check on Twitter, other users are seeing the same issue with symptoms relating to emails unable to be sent and received, with macOS showing […]

Apple Music now, finally supported natively on Tesla cars

Tesla this week, has announced that Apple Music is now available on Tesla vehicles, as part of the new holiday update that is rolling out to Tesla owners this week. The version ID is 2022.44.25 and allows support for Apple Music natively from within the Tesla UI, without having to use bluetooth from a smartphone. To access it, it will be required that the car has a subscription to Premium […]

HomePod 16.2 now available, revamps Home app architecture

Apple has today released new updates for pretty much all of its products, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad but we also get a new update for the HomePod and HomePod mini. The software release, 16.2 has limited release notes simply stating it includes “performance and stability improvements” – but this update includes much more than that. HomePod 16.2 adds support for the new and improved Home app architecture, […]

Apple releases iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2

Apple has today released iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 to the general public, which is now the second major update to the operating system since they were released back in September. iOS 16.2 follows on from iOS 16.1 which brought support for Matter, the new smart home standard, iCloud Shared Photo Library and Live Activities. iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 are both available now and can be downloaded by going […]

The latest macOS beta now lets you ring your AirTags

Apple has today released a new beta version of macOS, with 13.1 and it now adds the ability to ring your AirTag devices, directly from the Find My app. Previously, this was only possible when using the Find My app on iOS or iPadOS so it is good to see this rollout to Mac users. macOS Ventura 13.1 is expected to be released to everyone out of beta, alongside iPadOS […]