Apple could be launching new products this week, via a press briefing

Noted Apple leaker, Jon Prosser said this week on Twitter that he is expecting Apple to hold a media event tomorrow on Tuesday 8th of September to announce the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the new entry level iPad. He did say that the event date is “not locked in.” Apple press release is currently scheduled for Tuesday (September 8) at 9:00am EST — though, I should note that […]

In the first half of this year, iPhone 11 was the most popular smartphone

While Apple no longer reports unit sales and hasn’t done for a few years, the best place we an get an estimate on shipment numbers is from research companies such as Omdia and this week they have released new shipment estimates for Apple for the first half of 2020 as well as other phone manufacturers. Omdia estimates that in the first half of 2020, Apple shipped out 37.7 million iPhone […]

Apple posts trailer for new Apple TV+ unscripted show, ‘Long Way Up’ – starring Ewan McGregor

Yesterday, Apple has shared the first trailer for its new show which is coming soon, called ‘Long Way Up’ – an unscripted travel show starring Ewan McGregor Star Wars and Charley Boorman, where the pair drive 13,000 miles from Ushuaia in South America to Los Angeles in North America. Can you believe it on Apple TV #LongWayUp premieres September 18 on Apple TV+ @AppleTV — Charley Boorman (@charleyboorman) September […]

Apple is planning on reopening some US based Apple Stores soon

Apple this week has started to let employees know at its retail stores in the US that there are plans to reopen some of the stores around the country which have been closed since the start of the coronavirus earlier this year. A few months afterwards, some stores opened up again, only to have to close again due to riots. Some stores also opened up in May, but due to […]

Apple launches refreshed 27-inch iMac for 2020

This week Apple has refreshed the 27-inch iMac and left the 21-inch iMac as it is for now. The new iMac has the exact same design as the past iMacs from 2012 onwards but it now has a lot of little improvements to bring it closer in line with some of the newer MacBooks which have been launched recently. For example, new 10th generation Intel processors are now here, along […]

This is iOS 14 – everything you need to know

Apple today announced iOS 14 at WWDC, it brings a whole host of new features to the iPhone such as home screen widgets, new design for incoming phone calls, AirPods improvements, enchantments to the Messages app and more. Widgets & Home screen Widgets on the iPhone homes screen have long been a much asked for feature, users on Android have had this for years and Apple has acknowledged this. Widgets […]

Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5

On Tuesday this week, Apple released a new update to macOS Catalina, 10.15.5 which brings new battery health features as well as a reasonable list of bug fixed. Catalina‌ 10.15.4 came out around two months ago in early April and fixed some FaceTime bugs as well as adding Screen Time Communication Limits to bring macOS up to speed with iOS and iPadOS. macOS Catalina 10.15.5 adds a new Battery Health […]

Apple releases iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 with support for the the Exposure Notification API

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 with support for the Exposure Notification API as well as other improvements. iOS 13.5 has been in beta for a while and brings features and improvements to help users deal with the coronavirus issues a bit better. Exposure Notification API iOS 13.5 brings support for the Exposure Notification API which has been co-developed between Apple and Google and this will apps better […]

Apple has come first in a brand intimacy study for the whole tech industry

In a recent study from MBLM about brand intimacy, which takes a look at what emotional connections people have with certain brands and companies – Apple has come first for the study this year in the tech industry section. In the same study last year, YouTube came first – but in overall brand intimacy, Apple did come behind Disney and Amazon. Ford came 4th overall. Also, the study did show […]

According to shipment estimates, the iPhone XR was the most popular smartphone last year

Apple released the iPhone XR alongside the iPhone XS at the end of 2018 and while Apple heavily pushed the model with various trade in deals, it did seem to work pretty well as according to Omdia, a research firm – the iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in 2019, the second being the iPhone 11. One impressive stat is how many iPhone 11 units were shipped in 2019. […]