All electric Abarth 500e announced with more power and new sound generator

Today, Abarth has announced a new performance version of the Fiat 500 Electric. Fiat and Abarth have been working together for a very long time, producing loud, performance oriented versions of existing Fiat models, including the Fiat 124, Fiat Punto and most famously, the Fiat 500. However, now that Stellantis (the parent company behind Vauxhall, Fiat, Abarth and many more companies) is going all in on electric vehicles, Abarth has […]

Abarth launches new 595 and 695 for 2022

Abarth has announced some new refreshed models for 2022 with a new 595 and 695. This is now expected to be the very last combustion based car, with a new electric model due soon. Abarth has increased the power on the 595 to 163bhp with 170lb ft torque from the 1.4-litre engine. 0-60mph is reached in 7.3 seconds for the manual and the automatic in 7.3 seconds. The 595 starts […]