Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo announces new small EV, available as EV and ICE

Alfa Romeo has just announced the new Milano, the brands smallest SUV. The new vehicle is said to be the “spiritual successor” to the Giulietta and Mito. The Giulietta was dropped from sale back in 2021. As it is widely known, Alfa Romeo is part of the larger Stellantis group and the new Milano sits on the same platform as the Citroën C4, Fiat 600, Jeep Avenger and Peugeot 2008. […]

Alfa Romeo updates the Stelvio with refreshed exterior design

Alfa Romeo has updated the Stelvio SUV this month, with a revised front end and some new interior changes. The company will be delivering the first cars to customers in early 2023. For now, only the standard models have received updates, with the more performance focused Quadrifoglio to get updated later on next year. As for the changes, the main outside one is the headlights, which are now darker and […]

Alfa Romeo announces the pricing for the upcoming Tonale SUV

Alfa Romeo has today revealed the pricing for the all new Tonale SUV, the first hybrid from the company. The new car is available to order immediately, with the first deliveries expected in September 2022. Prices start at £38,595 in the UK and go up to £42,495 for the top spec model. The Tonale sits under the Stelvio SUV and is the first hybrid Alfa Romeo has released and the first compact […]

Alfa Romeo announces new top of the line Estrema models

Alfa Romeo has introduced some new range topper models for the Guilia and the Stelvio with the new Estrema range. Both new models will go on sale later next month. With the Estrema, the company has made some dynamic changes with active suspension, chassis domain control and a mechanical limited slip differential. Both cars have some extra styling features such as carbon fibre door mirrors and grille as well as […]

Alfa Romeo is planning on launching a fully electric Giulia in 2024

Alfa Romeo has announced that it is planning on launching a fully electric Giulia in 2024. The current combustion model was introduced in 2016 and has a wide lineup of models, including the Quadrifoglio model with a Ferrari derived V6 and 502bhp. However, now that Alfa Romeo is under the Stellantis group, the company is now focusing itself on becoming an electric only car brand. To kick start this change, […]

Alfa Romeo says all 500 units of the Giulia GTA are now sold

Alfa Romeo launched the Giulia GTA earlier this year, with a limited run of 500 units. Now, not even a year later the company has revealed all of them have now been sold. Alfa said “To all intents and purposes, the Giulia GTA is now a collector’s car.” The Giulia GTA was on sale for €176,500 (£153,300) with an even more powerful, stripped out version too, the GTAm for €181,500 […]

Alfa Romeo takes the Giulietta hatchback off sale

This week, after eleven years Alfa Romeo has taken its Golf sized hatchback off of sale, the Giulietta. Launched back in 2010, the Giulietta was originally supposed to be removed from sale last year, as we reported but this was delayed, probably in some way related to the pandemic. Alfa Romeo has seen declining sales of the Giulietta lately, with 10,817 units across Europe last year, compare that to 26,632 […]

Alfa Romeo has updated the Giulia Quadrifoglio and Stelvio Quadrifoglio for 2020

Today, Alfa Romeo has introduced some new updates for the existing Giulia Quadrifoglio saloon and the Stelvio Quadrifoglio SUV for 2020. These updates include some design tweaks mainly, along with some new colours. Alfa Romeo also updated the non Quadrifoglio versions recently. Todays updates include new LED rear light clusters with dark lenses as well as extra gloss black detailing around the car. The Stelvio Quadrifoglio now also has a larger […]

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be dropped from the line this year

Alfa Romeo has confirmed that later this year, the Giulietta hatchback will be dropped from the product line, after ten years on sale. The head of product marketing at Alfa Romeo, Fabio Migliavacca said that the “Giulietta is expected to finish its life at the end of this year. The trend is to have SUVs in the C-segment, so the Tonale SUV will be the replacement for Giulietta.” Fabio Migliavacca […]

Alfa Romeo introduces GTA version of the Gulia saloon

Alfa Romeo has been a bit quiet since the new Gulia saloon and the Stelvio SUV were introduced a few years ago but this week, in the absence of the actual motor show in Geneva, Alfa Romeo have launched a new special edition of the Gulia with much more power, a very similar concept to the Jaguar XE Project 7 that Jaguar did a few years back, a stripped down […]